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Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring was published in 1962 by the Houghton Mifflin Company and the New Yorker magazine serialized. This book gave a warning on the dangers of using herbicides and pesticides. It was hard for Rachel Carson to publish the book, since she received a lot of criticism from some of the chemical producing companies, like a director from American Cyanamid Company, saying that if people would have considered her comments, it would take them back to the Stone Age and some of these attacks also questioned her sanity and integrity (Graham, pp 10-14).

By calling the pesticides and herbicides biocides, Rachel Carson tried to bring out the dangers of these chemicals in the instance where the use of DDT led to the killings of large birds and also the fact that it was intended for elimination of few insects, but it ended up killing other varieties of insects which were not harmful. This biologist opposes the use of toxins in her book when she portrayed an anonymous American settlement where all existence from that of the birds to the fish as well as the apple blooms to human offspring had been “hushed” by the dangerous results of DDT.

As noted from Carson (pp 24-30), Rachel Carson made the public aware that the environment was exposed to human interference. She made an essential proposal that stated that technological development was basically at probability with natural practices that it had to be reduced. The threats that Carson had outlined like the food chain contamination, genetic damage, cancer and the demise of all the species were too scary to pay no attention to. The urge to control industry so as to look after the environment was far and wide acknowledged, and conservationism came to be for the first time. Before her death, Carson challenged humans by stating that their attitude towards nature was going to determine if they would destroy it or not, and since human beings were part of nature, war against the environment would be war against themselves.


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