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The “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is one of the most influential books ever published and recognized all over the world. Stephen R. Covey presents the book in different dimensions that lead to solving professional and personal problems. He reveals step- by-step the significance of living with integrity, fairness, honesty, and, human dignity. These principles give us the ability to adapt to change, possess power, and wisdom to take advantage of opportunities that are created by change. These seven Habits are a core factor in transforming peoples’ lives hence gaining prestige through being famous. It has been translated into thirty-four languages; therefore, playing a key role in the success of legions of business leaders and individuals all over the world.

This essay explicates these habits and their importance in human life.

Being proactive is having the ability to take responsibility of your own life. Most people end up blaming everything on their folks simply because of making wrong choices in life. Many proactive people are very responsible for the actions they take in life. They do not blame situations, circumstances, genetics or condition for the situation; therefore, they have different choices in life. Reactive individuals are mostly prone to physical environment. Despite their wrong choices and behavior, they end up blaming the external sources. For example, when the climatic conditions favor them, they feel excited. People's external forces are as a result of responding to stimuli. The good thing is that external forces have availed us the opportunity to choose between the stimuli and response, and whatever you choose, you must stick by it. The language can define how you figure out yourself. Therefore, Language acts as an indicator for your life. A reactive person can be distinguished from others simply because he/she uses a reactive language. Generally, proactive individuals dedicate themselves to things they can control.



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“Beginning with the end in mind habit” is mostly based on imagination hence normal beings cannot see at present with their eyes. This principal is based on the fact that creation comes in two phases. The first phase involves mental creation while the second is physical creation. It occurs systematically as physical creation precedes mental creation. Other people and circumstances will shape you and your life by default if you do not make plans concerning your life, in advance. The uniqueness a person possesses is what defines him according to his personal, moral, and, ethical guidelines. Therefore, to begin with the end in mind means to commence each day and other activities with a clear vision and mission on what you want to achieve and make things happen by flexing the proactive muscles. The second habit can be achieved through developing a personal mission statement. This mission should focus on what you want to be and do in the future. Furthermore, it reaffirms who you are, states your objective, and, moves your ideas into the real world. To begin with the end in mind you can set your own destiny and secure the future you envisage.

“Think win-win” is a character-based code for human interaction and collaboration. It is neither a quick- fix technique nor about being nice to people. Most people take advantage of other peoples’ failures to be successful in their endeavors. This behavior is discouraging since it does not create a competitive environment that can lead to mutual benefits human interactions. For a person to experience a win-win situation, he/she has to come up with an agreement that is beneficial and satisfying. A win-win individual possesses three vital character traits. These include integrity, maturity, and abundant mentality. This situation requires a person to be both tough and nice hence stabilizing ones’ courage and consideration. Despite being sensitive and considerate, a person also needs to be brave, to achieve the balance between courage and consideration.

“Seek first to understand before being understood”.

According to Stephen Covey, there are two categories of people. There are those to be seen but not heard and vice versa. They end up ignoring other peoples’ opinion even though it could have a major impact depending on the circumstances. Poor listeners are mostly those who listen with an intention to reply, but do not to understand. Through this, you end up subduing your mind into four difficult tasks. These include evaluating, probing, advising, and interpreting. From a person’s own point of view when another person asks for help, autobiographical responses may be appropriate due to poor understanding. Communication being the most significant skill in life can only help us when we are ready to learn and understand.

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In conclusion, the book ranks among excellent books that help managers, leaders and individuals perfect their own fields. Facts and explanation loaded from this book have played a significant role on the peoples’ lives. It gives important directions on how people can develop their lives systematically. Its emphasis on important human qualities makes the society a better place to live, as most individuals are principled. It consists of parameters, which are precise of reading, new thinking, theories, research and innovation in a radical way. People are able to come up with new ideas that constitute innovations and new discoveries in the society. These seven habits give a person the opportunity to do things in a different way and yield positive results thus contributing to societal growth.


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