Free «The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara vs. Allegory of the Cave by Plato» Essay Sample

Society affects a lot people’s life style and behavior. This follows the fact that a person’s environment can model one up to enable him be comfortable. However, some societal factors do not promote co-existence in the community. These include political oppression, poverty, natural disasters and poor cultural relation in a community. Many writers have exploited different areas which include the Plato on poor irrational leadership and Bambara who dwelt on social class distinctions according to resources mobilization. These work carried under comparison under intellectual analogue.

Intellectual analogue between the two essays can be brought out in different perspectives. Starting with Socrates in creation of essence to create understanding of truth and reality, he applies the allegory of the prisoners in the cave “And suppose further that the prison had an echo which came from the other side, would they not be sure to fancy when one of the passers-by spoke that the voice, which they he have shown me a strange image, and they are strange prisoners” (Plato 17). Socrates uses this to point out the evils being carried out in the society by unjust leaders who only see things on one side and not the other resulting into more evil in the society (Plato 19)



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Toni on his hand comes and brings about synthesis of class different in societies in terms of poverty and richness, “So we heading down the street and she's boring us silly about what things cost , what our parents make, how much goes for rent and how money is not divided up right in this country. And then she gets to the part about we all poor and live in the slums” (Bambara 17). It is clear that the narrator is a poor girl, whose teacher Miss Moore takes advantage of their poor background to give them incite of class people who shops and knows the costs of shopping well.  She compares their rental capability and cost of budgeting as well. This analogy brings about the class difference in the society as compared to the political of Socrates (Bambara 18).

On his side Toni exploits class difference again by the writer as he wonders about the things in display, the writer could not believe the costs as she comments, “My eyes tell me it's a chunk of glass cracked with something heavy, and different-color inks dripped into the splits, then the whole thing put into an oven,  or something different, but for $480  that does not make sense” (Bambara 21).As much as the things in the display are set to be bought by many people the writers social status cannot allow him to believe that $480 can be spent on luxuries like toys (Bambara 21).

Socrates also comes up with the expectation of the future generation and what they are supposed to achieve in political leadership, “And will our pupils, when they hear this, refuse to take their turn at the toils of State, when they are allowed to spend the greater part of their time with one another in the heavenly light?” (Plato 19).This was a call by Socrates on the upcoming leaders to ensure that they warm earth to fight for the best of their nations with utmost faith and trust (Plato 21)

The two statements of the cousins, "You know, Miss Moore, I don't think all of us here put together eat in a year what that sailboat costs." and "We could go to Hascombs and get half a chocolate layer and then go to the Sunset and still have plenty money for potato chips and ice cream sodas." (Bambara  23).This clearly shows the social status of the students who finds the purchasing power too much for them that they could only compare luxury toy cost to that of a whole year house hold budget. On the other hand the writer and the cousin shows a lot of contempt on their life that they can have four dollars and still have plenty to spend in Hascombs (Bambara 23).

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Although the two books worked on two different topics, politics and society set up. The writers applied a lot intellectual analogue to bring these problems in the society up. The use of intellectual dialogue has made it possible for the people to understand their arguments on these issues clearly. Their comparison on literary topic is much similar but on different issues in the society in general.


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