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Free «The Fatal Equilibrium» Essay Sample

The Fatal Equilibrium by Marshall Jevons is a crime novel that. The start in this novel is Professor Henry Spearman who uses the law of economic theory to find out the person who committed the murder. The murder involves Dennis Gossen who has an established career in economics. The fall of two members of the Harvard Promotion and Tenure Committee results in Melissa Shannon, who is the fiancé of the late Gossen, being associated with the murder. The difficult path to unravel the cause and culprit behind the murder is what Henry Spearman treads, and as presented by Jevons Marshall, the scene is quite a captivating must read episode.

Dennis Gossen is presented as a young individual who has a vibrant potential in the field of economics. It is evident from the story that Dennis has an exceptional skill in his view of economics which is characterized with collecting as well as interpreting numbers by using an economic perspective (Jevons 7). It is this orientation that he is considered for a teaching position as a result of the eminent promotion and tenure votes. Many people viewed those in the faculty of Harvard as distinguished positions which were highly valued in the society.

The fatal Equilibrium presents Dennis Gossen, Dorothy Nolan and Denton Clegg as potential in maximizing their profits through the action they are taking. In a bid to outplay each other, Denton Clegg makes up information that is false with regards to Dennis Gossen book. However, Dennis finds out about the plan intended by Clegg and uses that opportunity so as to gain promotion by maximizing his profits. Dennis is not sure of getting the upcoming promotion and so decides to use limits his chances of not being listed by blackmailing Dean Clegg. This is the only way through which Dennis views that his firm will be able to gain competitive advantage over his rivals.

The day of promotion witnesses a show down in which Dennis is not successful in his venture for promotion. The results of the vote, carried out by Oliver Wu, Sophia Ustinov and Calvin Weber who are all in support of Dennis Gossen promotion and on the other hand, three people Valerie Danzig, Morrison Bell and Foster Barret are against the promotion. In a twist of events, it is Dean Clegg who is called upon to breakdown the 3-3 tie by being asked to vote (Jevons). As expected, Clegg votes against Dennis being promoted, something that hurts him so much. In all ties, Clegg has always voted against the ties and this case was not going to break his tradition.

As a result of his failure to gain promotion at Harvard Promotion and Tenure Committee, Dennis Gossen commits suicide. The incidence that follows the suicide is the death of two members of the committee that voted against Dennis, Foster Barrett and Morrison Bell. This leads to Dennis fiancée, Melisa Shannon, being suspected for the murder (Jevons). It is evident from the story that Melisa took that action to murder the two because they voted against the promotion of Dennis. Despite her defense arguing against the lack of evidence, Melissa is finally sentenced to life imprisonment.

The star in this episode, Professor Henry Spearman applies economic concept so as rto establish who was the ideal person that committed murder. The professor finally realizes that it was Clegg who killed Dennis Gossen so as to hide the truth and then made the scene look like it was an act of murder. Furthermore, Gossen had read his book and found some alterations which had been made by Clegg who turned out to be a fraud. Melissa is finally being seen as framed in the murder of Bell and Barrett, which in actual fact, was committed by Clegg.


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