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Pisces is linked with religious crusades and conflicts, which markedly took place in the middle Ages. What The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius means is what is ahead of humanity, beyond Pisces, it depicts of a bright future that waits despite the environmental changes, scan resources, wars, lack of democracies in developing countries and inflations that significantly attempt to cloud this future’s horizon in the age of Pisces. Age of Pisces has superstitions and of dogmatic religions. Given the current trend of events, this view has not yet been remarkably peculiar. Though this promise may seem blank now, it is evident that the planetary cycles might also side with this prophecy. If one was to take a closer analysis of the cycles, a possibility that the analyzer will come across compelling truths that renaissance and a potential, bright age will be better than the current age, Pisces. The term New Age, or dawning of the Age of Aquarius, implies that men leave the age of Pisces and join Aquarius. An age is believed to change every 2000 years, and deeper look will show that the last coincides with that of Christ’s arrival (Amao, 2012).

This will have a lot of impact on the planet and its inhabitants. To start with, if a man has not yet undergone any changes, he might be living with the urge to have the change now, or he or she may witness changes in the daily life. Either way, a man will be conscious that life on this planet seems to be headed in a different direction. The ages have no equivalent straightforward astronomical markers. The estimated beginning date is thought to be around the millennium, though its exact institution date is contested among astronomers, and theologians among others, the effects to the Age of Aquarius can already be felt (Amao, 2012).

This is a trait of the shifting of ages as people struggle to become accustomed to the upcoming energies. Men are bound to have noticed assured significant developments. The developments may include science, technology, computers; all of them form the stamina of the modern society. Alternative medicine, vegetarianism, astrology, and other entities previously considered touchy are currently growing rapidly in recognition and are now subjects related with the signs of the onset of Aquarius. These entities will become more commonplace, and astrology and other mystic means of understanding and self-help will support people in becoming more comprehensive with themselves in benchmarking for the New Age (Amao, 2012).

The question on what will happen when the ages will change has vague responses. The authority of religions will be unable to find stands in favor of personal, moral principles. The main setback is that men will need additional efforts to build up new standards. People will be engulfed into a scientific world, as was earlier seen in the explanation of the new Age of Aquarius. It will be difficult to build new moral values. The values will be personal and will have to adapt to the expected circumstances of humanity. People have begun to look around for the reply, rather than for possessions, money, and fellow people. The elite and enlightened members of humanity will receive the New Dawn, including its emphasis on kindness, truth, humanity, spirituality and knowledge (Amao, 2012). What is remarkable about this age is the powerful shift that will brush a way through the planet, the change in mood, intention and action that is by now conspicuous. A problem that will characterize the New Age is a complete lack of decisive thinking. Man will believe in all forms of nonsense, and become highly susceptible to pessimistic suggestions from structures in the lower astronomical plane. In astronomy, precession may be put to define any of several gradual changes in an astronomical base’s orbital parameters or rotational, and mostly to the Earth’s precessions of the equinox. This Precession is the result of gravitational effects of the Moon and the Sun on the Earth’s equatorial protuberance (Amao, 2012).


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