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Brand America "Not Buying It" by the author Judith Levine

According to Judith Levine, the underclass people are those that are underemployed; they get meager pay yet work extremely hard to get that little. They can virtually not meet the simple basics needs of life. To them living an ostentatious life style and spending on impulse is not any closer to their fantasies. What makes a person fall in the underclass bracket is the low levels of education.  In most cases the level of one’s education will definitely dictate; the type of job, salary scale, social group and hang out joint.  They are therefore discriminated from the white collar or technical jobs. Such people live in poor conditions e.g. slums and are least informed of the current affairs due to lack of accessibility to the media and illiteracy.  They are least motivated following that they earn less compared to their input. And by Levine saying that, she is referring to the highest population as quoted, “only 8% admit being luxurious” meaning they are more than that but can’t admit. 

I do agree with Judith Levine because both the educated and undereducated can’t have the same class of jobs. The higher the level or education the higher the pay consequently, the undereducated are underemployed leading to low incomes. To earn a living, they are subjected to heavy work with unfavorable conditions and are in most cases exploited and abused. For this reason, they don't have time to waste idling, a good example is that of a house girl; they have to get up extremely early and sleep very late. They have no leisure time for if they dared to idle then they are axed or their salary reduced. The superior or the elite class earns more than they need and can spend ostentatiously without feeling the pinch. They can only exhaust their incomes by buying expensive commodities and eating in expensive places.

According to Levine “everyone needs the things they buy” and because the elite have people to work for them, all they do is an hour’s supervision in return they choke their accounts with big chunks of money. The subordinates will have no time for themselves. They have to part time in the night to earn extra more because they have insatiable needs and constrained resources. “They spend $1000 on meals “says Judith Levine.


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