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Case Study essay

The Decision Facing American Express Over the period of thirty years, American Express changed its strategies only three times. Between 1974 and 1987, the company launched the campaign titled “Do you know me?” In the period between 1987 ...

Electronic Commerce in Hong Kong essay

Introduction E-commerce is a set of technical and organizational forms of doing business transactions using electronic systems and the Internet as means of interaction with partners, banks, suppliers and consumers of goods and services of any kind. ...

Marketing Action and Integration Plan essay

Marketing Action The marketing plan introduced in a pharmaceutical company will not differ significantly from those in other spheres of business. Marketing mix will consist of the same five elements: personal selling, public relations, advertising, ...

The Usefulness of Social Class to Marketers essay

1. There is no doubt that marketing is a great part of the operations of any business. Indeed, marketing is rapidly becoming a priority for many companies in the modern world. In this regard, all businesses are coming up with more innovative ways of ...

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