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Psychological Factors that Have the Most Influence on Consumers

Psychological factors that have the most influence on consumers purchasing the UBER service include the following. The first one is motivation and need. It refers to what drives the consumer to develop purchasing behavior that is directed towards UBER. Durmaz (2014) describes this as an expression of a need, which has become too pressing to cause the client to desire to satisfy it. With regard to UBER, motivation can be identified as a desire to reach one’s destination in a fast, safe, and convenient way. Another critical psychological factor that has proven to be quite influential making the consumer purchase the UBER service is perception. The latter is mostly created from consumers’ experiences, beliefs, and personal characteristics. While offering this service with regard to perception, UBER has focused on the related concepts of attention, distortion, and retention. The team responsible for marketing this service has therefore changed the tactics in its advertising to include innovative elements only.  Repetition has been applied in this regard to make the message passed in ads retained by consumers. Furthermore, an additional psychological factor that has had the greatest influence on consumers purchasing the UBER service is beliefs and attitudes. Rani (2014) defines the first as convictions that a person has concerning something, while the second are feelings that allow a person to develop rational behavior for or against something. The marketing team of UBER has worked to position the company in a way that it appears associated with only positive traits of this kind of service among consumers. It has therefore caused them to develop a positive attitude to this offer, and their belief is that it is the most convenient travelling means. Consequently, this has worked to increase the sales of this service.

Aspects of Consumer Behavior the Service Emphasizes in Its Marketing Plan

Aspects of consumer behavior that the UBER service emphasizes in its marketing plan together with the reasons why are as follows. The first one is impulse buying. According to Sharma (2014), this is sudden and powerful compulsion to purchase something immediately. It occurs when a consumer purchases things, which he or she has not planned to acquire prior to being exposed to them or entering into a store. The reason for emphasizing this aspect in the marketing plan is that it is a critical element in the purchasing behavior of the client and consequently in his or her decision to buy a product or a service (de Mooij & Hofstede, 2011). The marketing team at the company has focused on the development of relevant external and internal stimuli that will affect and activate this aspect of consumer behavior and increase UBER sales. Additionally, this service has also emphasized the decision-making aspect of consumer behavior in its marketing plan. This process is essential for every business since it helps in comprehending the manner in which a consumer decides on purchasing a given commodity or refrain from buying it. de Mooij and Hofstede (2011) identify decision-making as a process containing six stages that include problem recognition, information search, assessment of available alternatives, purchase decision, purchase, and a post purchase assessment. The reason for emphasizing this process is that it enables the marketing team of UBER to adequately trace the manner in which the consumer purchases company’s service and those of competitors. This way, it will be possible to interfere in the process keeping the buyer away from competitors’ products and attracting him or her towards UBER. In addition, another reason is this process will reveal rational shopping and conscience of company’s brand.


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