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Nowadays TV shows catch more and more blaze of publicity as well as come under rigorous scrutiny. People become addicted to it and, therefore, TV shows just go stellar. Sympathy, interest, humor, gossips, strain, extreme etc. are the incentives to watch shows and get pleasure from it. However, every phenomenon has its causes and effects on people, which are of a versatile nature.

On the one hand, the reasons for establishing a new TV show are various. Firstly, TV show is a representation or a “mirror” of what people are and what they want to see. We can see more and more shows that depict problems from everyday life and because of this they achieve their popularity. People want to see not only celebrities, but ordinary people, who will show that they can actually do the same things better than stars. Viewers want action and get the adrenalin going, even in such simple form as watching a TV show.

Second, TV shows appear on screen because society is getting unwise or so-called “pseudo-intelligent”. As Kashmira Lad states in her article “The audience thus gets hooked on to TV shows, which do not really have any intelligent concept”. The time when people want to see a researchers’ work, achievement in all spheres of life has passed. The audience is viewing not so sophisticating programs which does not need brain activity at all.



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Third, TV shows are very popular and many people watch them just because this is a topic for a further discussion. A very interesting standpoint is expressed by PhDs Reiss and Wiltz, who claim that viewers “watch in order to talk with friends and coworkers about the show, and that they are not as smart as other viewers”. Indisputably, this sounds reasonably. Everyone can recall thousands of times when the actual dialogue began on a simple topic “Did you see a show last evening?” However strange it may sound, TV shows are the sources of communication of people and finding something in common with people, whom you would never considered to be a like-minded person.

Without a doubt, there are other causes of popularity of TV shows. However, an effect of them is the question that plays the primary role. First, it makes people take risky actions as well as underestimate their abilities. At times people are so obsessed with what is shown on television that they try to imitate those things. Moreover, they forget that exaggeration is a key component of every show and due to which it is so spectacular. Consequently, “broken” anticipation and despair is a condition which follows dreams not coming true.

Second, many TV shows has a dreadful impact on children. They constantly show violence, sex, fights, and other stuff which impairs children character. As it is widely known that “children are like sponges” and easily absorb everything without filtering it. Siegel says “Films and television shows commonly depict violence graphically. Moreover, violence is always portrayed as an acceptable behavior.” (162) That is why children perceive information how it is depicted and, therefore, sometimes cannot distinguish what is correct and how to actually react under certain circumstances.

Nevertheless, one may find positive sides of watching TV shows. In many cases they encourage ordinary people to participate, rather than celebrities. Therefore, more and more people try to make their dream come true – take part in any kind of a television program and be shown on TV. Even if they do not win anything, being a celebrity at least for 30 minutes is already a triumphant victory.

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Judging from the stated above, the effect and causes of popularity of TV shows are various, which can be viewed from the very different perspectives.


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