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Free «Positive Effects of the Internet on Society» Essay Sample

A few decades ago an Internet has entered people’s lives and made a considerable contribution to a new perception of the modern world. It is commonly believed that the Internet is “a giant collection of interconnected computer networks that spans the world using fiber-optic cables, radio towers, and satellites” (Eck 8). However, this is more than a network, but a “magic tool”, that brings nothing more but positive impact on society’s well-being.

First, the Internet is widely considered to be primary and the richest source of information. Sayre ad King states that “The Internet has no doubt resulted in many positive impacts, including increasing access to limitless information and entertainment as well as facilitating the production of new information and entertainment” (311). People gained the priceless gift – information, which role in modern developing role increases rapidly. There is no need to go to the library or experience long-distance travels to get the necessary data. People may get everything they want at home, and in peaceful surrounding. This is how the first positive feature is realized – people have more time for themselves and their families as well as are able find numerous answers to all questions on the Internet.


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Second, the role of the Internet has increased during the last few years due to its second function – communicational. Hick, Halpin, Hoskins claim that “It is also an extraordinary means of communication among people and organizations. Through the Internet, human rights NGOs are able to established contacts, maintain continuous communication flows and exchange information, experiences and opinions” (107). Communication is indisputably the distinctive feature of human beings; therefore, the Internet is the tool which helps people to interrelate and collaborate. Online communication makes it easier and cheaper for people all over the world to share thoughts and exchange information. Emails, discussion blogs provide the possibility to express opinions and emotions on current topics as well as find a great deal of acquaintances or just those people, who share the same ideas with you. Moreover, internet communication gives the chance to study online, which is very helpful for disabled, or those who just cannot visit university lectures due to some circumstances. Therefore, the invention of the Internet network has united people around the world and made everything possible for people’s effectiveness of communication.

Third, the Internet can be definitely considered to be a “job center” as it provides workplaces for millions of people. People have the possibility to study online; consequently, people can work via the Internet and make a living, or even start up their own business. Without a doubt, the Internet is the biggest company in the world, which recruits the record numbers of employees. Sometimes employers are made to leave their companies and are completely at a loss. Such tough times can help people realize the truth – they can “show who is boss” and initiate their own business via network system. Therefore, it is a little bit easier nowadays to choose the type of work you want to do depending on your particular situation and circumstances. At least the Internet offers some opportunities; however, the choice depends only on us.

The Internet brought novelty in people’s lives. It opened the boarders and allowed people from different countries to communicate, cooperate and exchange ideas with close and distant nations. In addition, people gained the precious present – access to information and the possibility to earn money via the Internet. Frank James once said “The Internet is clearly about more than sports scores and email now. It's a place where we can conduct our democracy and get very large amounts of data to very large numbers of people.”


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