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In order to solve the problems surrounding the management of the project especially those related to communication; it is important that a solid communication management approach is utilized. The approach acts as a guide to deciding what information to communicate, the person to communicate, the time to communicate, and who to give the information.

Communication management plan helps in defining the structure of the project and defining communication vehicle of information therefore fostering understanding among the team which is important for success of the project. The following is the Communication Management Plan for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project:

Team Members Identification and Analysis

Name Title Role  Communication Vehicle
Tony Manager Oversees Status Reports and internal project status meeting Email or phone
  • Raymond
  • Bonnie
programmer Ensures timely participation in order to enhance integration of every stakeholder effort Email or phone
Patrick Network specialist Ensures that there is a continuous communication loop among stakeholders Phone or email
Nancy Business analyst Plans and monitors the budget for the project Face to Face


Type of Communication Objective Vehicle Frequency Target Group Title of Communicator Comment
Status Reports and internal project status meeting To report the progress of the project Email Weekly
  • Team members
  • Sponsor (s)
  • Stakeholders


Project manager Part of Meeting Agenda
Meetings of the Team To review status of the progress
  • Conference Call
  • phone
Weekly Project Team Programmers Sent as Minutes
Project Budget Discuss the requirement for the project Face to Face When need arise Project Team Business Analyst Included in Meeting Agenda
Network design meeting To discuss development and designing of network necessary to the project Face to Face Monthly Project Team Network Specialist Included in Meeting Agenda


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