Free «Communication and Interpersonal skills» Essay Sample

Interpersonal skills are those which are applied during social communication and interaction to get the specified results. Communication and interpersonal skills are normally used in business contexts. These terms are used to measure the person's ability to operate within business organizations through social communication and interactions. Therfore, it can be said that interpersonal skills show that how people relate to one another.

Good communication and positive interpersonal skills have a great importance at a business level. It has been observed that communicating respect for the other people and professionals play an efficient role to reduce conflict and increase participation in completing tasks (Hargie, 1994). On the other hand, positive interpersonal skills increases the productivity in the organization. It happens because the graceful and respectful communication reduces the conflicts. People having good interpersonal skills control the feelings that emerge in difficult situations and respond appropriately, instead of being overwhelmed by emotion. This aspect plays a significant role in the progress of any business.

Communication is very complex.

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One of the major barrier to communication is one’s own ideas and opinions which he filter’s while listening and reading to the someone else’s messages. To remove such barrirers there are several principles of comminication that can be adopted. To make a great and successful communication with the other members of the business it is necessary that one must know the audience, topic and his purpose of communicating very well. Not only this he must present the information in several ways so that the professionals can understand it. In addition to this, he must use multiple communication techniques. It has been observed that the environmental factors greatly influence the communication. These factors include the nature of the room, comfort level of the professionals and listeners, style of the speaker, the language and design of the message. In any organization one has to communicate with the members at every level. On the one hand he has to communicate with the peons and on the other hand, he has to communicate with the managers and decision makers. Therefore, dealing with the decision makers not only require the respect but also demand that one must know and understand the interests and opinions of the decision makers.

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Along with the above mention principles the communication at any organization demand some ethical values from the workers. Patience, truth, smile and hard working are the most important of all.

Workers work as a team in an organization. It has been viewed that these teams face difficulties in achieving the results and specified goals due to the miscommunication. Therefore, it can be said that any miscommunication can lead to a serious loss to the organization. For this purpose, there is a need that the team workers and team leaders ensure that they have good and positive interpersonal skills. They must ensure that the team is working in a healthy environment and conflicts are managed and resolved in a great manner (Robbins and DeCenzo, 2008).

Interpersonal communication is an art. Some people are master in this art due to which they build and develop strong working relationships. They manage every situation in a very great way. This makes them great communicators. On the other hand, there are some people who require a training of interpersonal communication. They have to improve their way of talking and listening. There are certain ways by which a person can improve his interpersonal skills. First of all, he must be appreciable. He must find out positive thing about others. Secondly, he must pay attention to the others. After this, the practice of active listening comes. He must bring others together and resolve the conflicts by taking the role of leadership. These things will make a healthy and peaceful environment in the organization in which everyone can perform his duties easily.

Different developments have been made to enhance the principles of communication and interpersonal skills. To train the people, workers and professional in the communication, the training courses, presentation skills programmes, body language courses, media skill courses and etc. have been introduced. These courses have provided effective results at every stage. These courses help to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively within the modern corporate environment. On the completion of these courses the professionals have an understanding of the fundamental dynamics of communication.

This makes them to achieve effective communication (Guilar, 2001). The current developments and skills have enhanced the importance of communication and interpersonal skills in every field of business. In addition to this, interpersonal communication workshops and seminars are organized in which the art and science of effective communication is taught in a very challenging environment. All these developments help in improving the behavior of the professional at the workplace. The seminars teach the workers or professionals that their knowledge and attitudes to ensure quality and quantity in every aspect of work.

The communication and interpersonal skills are very important for the success of any organization. They improve the standards of the organizations. By improving the communication skills, the working relationships will gain highest level of performance which will ultimately go in favor of the organization. This is because the communication helps to share the brilliant ideas with each other. Therefore, the developments of interpersonal skills are very necessary to communicate, motivate, organize, counsel and negotiate.


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