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The author of the “All Over but the Shoutin’” is Rick Bragg, correspondent for The New York Times who had won more than 20 writing awards in 20 years including prestigious a Pulitzer Prize and prestigious two American Society of Newspaper Editors Distinguished Writing Awards. His piercing snapshots of America, from the Susan Smith murder trial in South Carolina to the Oklahoma bombing to street life in Harlem, have graced the Times' pages since 1994.

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Bragg is probably best-known for his heartrending but touching book “All Over but the Shoutin'” that describes his upbringing in the deep South, his mother willing to sacrifice anything to give a chance at life to her sons and a father tortured by the memories of a war he can't forget. As the author himself describes a plot and a setting in the in the opening paragraphs of the book, "This is not an important book, it is only the story of a strong woman, a tortured man and three sons who lived hemmed in by thin cotton and ragged history in northeastern Alabama, in a time when blacks and whites found reason to hate each other and a whole lot of people could not stand themselves.

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" Being an autobiography, this book reveals many traits of the Rick’s character, which allowed him, born in troubled family in deep south, to become a recognized journalist working for New York Times.

As an autobiography “All Over but the Shoutin'” reveals the character of Rick Bragg. First of all Rick is a very ambitious person, which allowed him to make unbelievable achievements, and which he himself attributes much to a desire to correct the wrongs of his childhood and desire to validate the many sacrifices of his mother. However, ambitions would be insufficient to become such a success, persistence and courage as a distinctive traits of Rick’s character allowed him to progress in journalism.

Besides that, Rick s a loveable son, as much of the book is devoted to his mother, whom he portrays as a strong, determined woman whose focus never strayed from her family.

“All Over but the Shoutin’” is the chronicle of Rick Bragg’s rise from harsh poverty in his native Alabama to his present post as a national correspondent for the New York Times due to ambitions coupled by persistence and courage.


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