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NoNo’s café is not busy as other restaurants at breakfast due to a number of reasons. To attract more customers during breakfast, you need to upgrade or expand the quality of the breakfast services offered at breakfast time. You should consider adding a variety of what is offered so that more people can come or you offer different kinds of breakfast services at the restaurant. Many customers often get tired of the same kind of services and hence, with new variety of breakfast services introduced, there will be more customers willing to come (Hultberg, 2010). You should also take time and look for what do other competitors like Snooze offer during the breakfast. This will help to know whether they are offering better breakfast and also discover what has made them to have more customers at breakfast. Additionally, offer the lowest prices possible in order to attract more people as many people will go for the most economical breakfast services. Open the business on the weekdays at around 6.30am in order to attract more people who start working at 7.00am. This will make the business offer more convenient service hour for all breakfast customers.   

To draw business in the area, you should first have an informative, attractive and well put-together website that includes the menu and the costs of meals since most of people nowadays first look in the website the meals offered and for how much for different restaurant near them (Clara, 2011). This will create awareness to the customers and draw them since they will have already known what is offered and for how much. You need to give away some samples of the meals and services since when one is given something for free; he or she is more expected to come back. Create lasting relationships with the customer for example by taking the advantage of the internet and building an email list for all customer who visit the restaurant  which can be used to update them any time there are new changes (Hultberg, 2010). Renovate the premise to attract and keep the customers in the business. Give better customer services that satisfies the customer and this will draw more customers.

Part Two

Content marketing is marketing technique that involves creating and distributing of high quality content of a product or a service using tools like online presentations, facebook among others in order to acquire, attract and engage the targeted customers (Kabani, 2012). By use of content marketing in this business, it will make it easier for the management system to update the menus, photos gallery of the delicious food and pricing of the meals. It also makes it easier for the business to get customer feedbacks through the customer feedback tab which in turn helps the business to improve on the spotted issues by the customer through their feedback responses. Feedback responses from the customer will also enables the business management to know the areas where it is offering high quality products and services in order to maintain at that point. This helps the business to retain its customer and also to attract others (Kabani, 2012).  

By integrating tools like facebook and twitter in the content marketing, saves time for the management to update their customer since one just need to post the updates to customers’ accounts (Rose & Pulizzi, 2011). In addition, these tools can be used in creating and sharing of samples with customers anytime they are in need of them. Content marketing enables the management to print promotional messages, posters promoting the services and products offered by the business that build a strong customer bonds that aids them to buy products and services online. Content marketing technique has become one of most used technique by the marketers since the content is placed in a way that it meets customer’s satisfaction about the products and services being offered (Rose & Pulizzi, 2011). This raises the popularity of the business and hence attracting more customers each new day with the business gaining more profits. Moreover, for the management having the customer’s feedback, the business becomes more simplified, faster and efficient.

The above persons in the Houston Social Media Marketing Companies can be pitched to by a PR professional in Houston to aid him or her in engaging with the customers, online communities that will help to generate a big exposure, sales and opportunities to the business. They will also be  used to update the customers while giving more information of the restaurant sales through the social networking sites like face book, MySpace, Orkut, twitter among others. This will ensure that there is effective marketing of the business and hence gaining and retaining many customers that will generate high profit.


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