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Thinking about the future of media one should focus on technologies. One should take into consideration not only technologies that are commonly used nowadays, but also those, which have just been introduced. Maybe there is even a point at looking at the prototypes of newest inventions. The deeper one wants to look in the future, the more she or he has to get in the world of unusual inventions and innovative technologies. But if one looks into the future only a couple of years, the answers will be simple, but still rather astonishing. And the main role in the development of media over the upcoming years will be given to cell phones.

Cell phones will keep advancing in the same direction: user-friendliness, simplicity of access, multi-functionalism, and interaction. Although they are already being used in everyday life by almost everyone, there is still a niche for media and advertising. Recent studies have shown that a modern-day US citizen spends about 10% of media attention on cell phones (which is already more than the attention given to press) and this number keeps on growing (Ting).

The introduction of smartphones with numerous new functions has led to the change of the role of cell phone, and now an average person spends 2/3 of cell phone time for non-communication activities (Ting). Now it has become a new medium for sharing of information in all forms (audio and video, photos etc.), for social networking and acquiring recent news. With the development of interactive applications and the possibilities of Internet access, cell phones have become the new direction for media development.

Cell phones currently incorporate a great number of functions. Their unique incorporation in one device creates a whole new sphere of media development. Constant Internet access together with mobility, and the steadily increasing amount of functions introduce cell phone as the medium of nearest future.


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