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Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest comedians in the history of the world film industry. He brought a new character to the genre of comedy and was the greatest actor of the silent film era. This research paper reveals the life and work of Charlie Chaplin. It highlights the actor’s achievements and contribution to the comedy genre. It tells about the famous image of the Tramp that was created by the Chaplin. The research paper explains why Charlie Chaplin personality is still known all over the world.

Comedy as genre, Charlie Chaplin

The film industry has gained a great success among the population all over the world. The introduction to the society a new way of entertainment has changed the life of each person. There are many genres that were presented to the fans of the film industry such as fantasy, romance, horror, documentary, westerns, drama and action. Among movie genres, the decent place takes the comedy. The humor is the main tool that is used in the comedy genre. The main goal of the comedy genre is to make the audience to laugh due to the movie characters or story. The comedy genre is the most popular genre among all categories of the population. There are many comedy actors who will be remembered for their brilliant performance. The personality like Charlie Chaplin is one of them. His great performance in the comedy genre made him famous all over the world. Charlie Chaplin was a great comedy character who was making people to laugh without saying any words.



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Charlie Chaplin was an American and British actor, composer, writer and director. He was a universal master of the cinema and the audience favorite comedian. He was a creator of one of the most famous images of the world cinema. He created the image of the Tramp Charlie in the black suit that made people laugh for many years. Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889, in the family of the music hall performers. At the age of five years, Charlie made his first appearance on stage in 1894, replacing the program of music hall of his mother. His performance tore applause of the audience which started to throw coins and banknotes on the scene. At the end of 1898 Chaplin entered to the children’s dance group. Later, his dance ability was reflected in the movie performance. Since the age of sixteen, he regularly played the violin for 4-16 hours per day. He also took lessons from the theater conductor. Soon, he became one of the keys actors in the theater of Fred Karno. Chaplin with Karno troupe was on tour in the U.S. Later, he made a decision to stay in this country. There, he was invited to work in the studio Keystone. Eventually, he became a star and decided to make his own movies.

The real fame came to Chaplin with the creation of the Tramp image. Te image of Tramp firstly appeared in the comedy “Kid Auto Races”. The image of the Tramp turned out pretty versatile and controversial. Despite the title of the image, which corresponds to his social status, his image has decent manners, clothes, and features of a gentleman. Individually, most of the elements of the image like large pants, tail-coat, big boots, funny mustache were used before by other comedians. However, Charlie Chaplin combined all those elements in one movie character. The famous stand, drawing on a thin cane, Chaplin took from his father. He saw it on one of the family photos. It allowed creating the unique image of the Tramp. This image was filled with such characters as gentleman, comedian, poet and dreamer who would like to face a true love and real adventures. However, he is ready to pick up a cigarette butt from the sidewalk or take candy from a baby at the same time. Chaplin wanted to get away from "slapping comedy", which was filmed in the genre of comedy at that time. In one of his films, he showed the situation, in which he had several children, who need to be feed. In the cinema, he saw the tears in the audience. After that, the image of Tramp began to take lyrical and dramatic features. Charlie Chaplin obtained the glory from the silent movie. Despite the fact that the sound in films has appeared in 1927, he continued to create silent comedies for the next decade. The first Charlie’s film with the sound became “The Great Dictator”. It was the anti-Hitler film made in 1940. This was the last film that used the image of Tramp Charlie.

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In 1954, the actor was awarded by the International Peace Prize. The last film of Charlie Chaplin was “A Countess from Hong Kong”. The main roles in the comedy played Sophia Loren and Marlon Brando. In 1972, Chaplin received at the second time an honorary “Oscar”. March 4, 1975 Chaplin was awarded by the knight title by Queen Elizabeth II. On December 25, 1977, the comedy artist died and was buried in the local cemetery in Switzerland.

Charlie Chaplin was one of the most creative and influential people in the era of the silent movies. The great influence on the Chaplin’s work made comedian Max Linder. As a result, Chaplin dedicated one of his films to him. In 1999, the American Institute of Cinematography put Charlie Chaplin on the 10th place in the list of the 100 greatest movie stars for the 100 years. Charlie Chaplin broke into the world of film industry with the gift of comedy and laughter in the period of Great depression and World War II. He brought a lot of joy, pleasure and relief in a time when it was needed by many people.


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