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What Might Happen if Individuals Incorporate Supportive Behaviors into their Communication

While conducting the research about Interpersonal Communication, the researcher should know the basic information about two modes of individual’s behavior. The famous psychologist J. Gibb defined them as supportive and defensive communication behaviors. Supportive behavior provides effective interaction between interlocutors. It stands for a compromise, instead of control, empathy, and equality during communication. In its turn, defensive behavior focuses on the ideas of the interlocutor rather than on those of the speaker itself. The goal of this paper is to discuss what might happen if individuals incorporated such supportive behaviors into their communication.

Considering the conversation between two people who are working for the same company, there might be two patterns of their communication. The first pattern is communication between a superior and inferior to his, when the former incorporates supportive behavior. In such a way, the superior makes his interlocutor feel important and equal. He reduces existing resistance from staff and is, thus, rewarded with better work results (active employees and more qualitative work), showing by his behavior that all people are worthy. The superior becomes more respectable, and working relationships improve. It is also important to use different communication skills in order to maintain workshop discipline. The second pattern is about the communication of two people equal in their positions. The supportive behavior of one of them makes working relationships close-knit. Such communication further contributes to being friends not only as colleagues or workmates, who share duties, if to consider the relational context. They are not obliged to work well only as a team; they are a team indeed.

There is one tricky thing about incorporating supportive behavior. People are supposed to seem more attractive while communicating with the member of the opposite sex. In such a way they do not make their interlocutors feel unimportant and unwelcome because they show their empathy.

The goal of supportive communication is to alleviate the emotional frustration of individuals and cope with possible negative events.

Nevertheless, it might be unpleasant if individuals try to incorporate supportive behaviors into their communication to strangers while failing to keep their composure during communication. They, thus, seem to impose themselves upon someone else. That is why individuals should know when to use the different communication behaviors and skills to make their interpersonal communication more effective.


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