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The study on intercultural communication entails people’s understanding of one another even without sharing a cultural experience. The paper will address the importance of knowing the social positions of individuals and groups involved in intercultural communication based on "Intercultural communication in context" by Judith N.Martin and Thomas K. Nakayama. The book focuses on language use and cultural practices that take place within intercultural communication experiences.

The importance of learning or knowing the different social positions involved in intercultural communication aimed to make us understand the wide range of communications that naturally come with the different positions of social groups. These groups also come from different religions, ethnic, and educational background. In this sense, we must admit these social positions so that we can understand their behavior and the way they perceive the world and how they can be approached.

Intercultural communication also explores countries at different levels of development. This implies that understanding social positions of the other countries is important for establishing approach with them and for developing our intercultural relations. Unless people of the different culture admit this statement, there is no way we will be able to develop or enhance greater communication between the different cultural settings (Judith & Nakayama, 365).

Becoming familiar with social positions of other cultural groups is a valuable experience. It gives us a possibility to learn how to interact with each other. In today’s world of globalization, people are widely interacting with one another and there is a need for people to understand each other even if they are holding different cultural backgrounds. If a county has a lower social status then international communication is important field to focus on. It helps to get in closer relationships with more developed ones. This requires an understanding of social standing and teaches us how to relate accordingly.


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