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Free «Internet and Culture» Essay Sample

Globalization has advanced because of the growth of internet. The effects of globalization can be either positive or negative to the culture of a people. Internet can affect the culture cultivated in politics, the youth, language, and business. Internet has been the main reason for globalization becoming more and more contentious, hence, the need for its critic. The internet has totally changed the culture of many through changing their identity and leading to more controversies in the current governments and the economic world. Television is now accessible even to the most interior regions in the world and this has changed the perception of the entire world. To most people, this has been viewed as a great step and has empowered many, while for others it is a disempowering action. Therefore, this paper will evaluate the effects of internet on culture and how it has led to a more homogenous and modernized world in terms of politics and business.

Effects of internet on Business culture

Internet has greatly influenced the business world. The economic growth of any nation largely depends on the economic policies that exist in that particular nation. Patenting of the neem tree by the pharmaceuticals companies in the foreign nations has been a key issue presented by the Indian state. This can be attributed to the use of internet throughout the world and having the entire information displayed to every individual on the different uses of this important tree. Although the Indians are complaining much to their advantage, the whole world has benefited of the pharmaceutical use of this tree. Hence, even to the less developed nations in the Asian continent, they have been able to grow by extracting the chemicals from this tree and developing their drug industry. Although most of the cultural groups have been so much against treating of the goods that are cultural the same way as the modern commodities in the global trade, the neem tree has greatly enhanced the globalization (Sreberny 2010).



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Internet as a way of communication

The culture of transaction of business online has really improved globally. This is because with internet it is possible to carry out many business transactions online, which would have been otherwise not possible for some companies. Exchange of goods and services are now taking place comfortably from one nation to the other. Through the internet, goods can be delivered to an individual’s convenience. The culture of carrying out business only by physical means has been eroded; therefore, time can now be used in a much more efficient way with less hassling. For the corporate world, especially companies that are found globally, information can easily be made known to all the branches that exist in all the nations in a fraction of a second. Through this, business transactions are made much easier. It is through modernization of the internet that the technologies of most nations have changed. There has been an improvement of technologies globally. It is through the internet that most of the information reaches those who were not aware of the business deal. Business entails developing of a nation, hence, the improved technology in terms of communication networks can be said to be a major indicator of modernization, which has been contributed by internet system. This is because the interactions are made quite easier, for example, via exchange of emails and chatting online amongst those who are carrying out their businesses (Atton 2004).

Through the interactions amongst many cultures in the business world, the marketing community is rapidly converging into a single culture, which is more homogenous and accommodating the needs of every nation be it poor nation or rich. The internet is slowly eradicating the ignorance of the poor states in the world marketing strategies by replacing them with standardized mechanisms of marketing. As a result, both of the nations are able to grow and expand their economic status (Atton 2004).

Internet as a way of marketing

Internet has been a chief key in promoting some of the most recognized goods and services a company can offer. This is because some companies become successful through the advertisements that they post on the internet that concerns some of their products. For example, a flowering company gains a lot over the Valentine period, when it advertises its delivery services to its consumers over the internet (Cogan & Kelso 2009).

Politics, culture, and the internet

Politics is another vital area that has been tremendously affected by the use of internet. The cultures of most people have changed due to the impact of the internet in their lives. Most of the people in any state through the internet are able to read and know more about their rights in the constitutions, which are now being posted through the internet for accessibility to all. Currently, many people are able to participate in the voting exercise in their countries because of the many messages that can be retrieved about an individual who is vying for a position (Cogan & Kelso 2009).

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Internet changed the culture of most people, following the hypocrites in governments. Most of today’s politicians are well known by their people. Any improper activity, done by politicians, will always find its way into the internet; hence, all the evils and goods of a politician in any current running race are known. Social networking site like twitter, facebook have played major role in enlightening people of the any current political activity. Although this approach can be good since it can erupt into protest in a scenario that there was a protesting group, based on a political party. The protesting groups can lead to more groups joining the protest, therefore, in an incident that a policy is affecting the governance of a country, the policy can be looked into and corrected to suit what the people need (Atton 2004).

Democracy has been improved using internet. The culture of most of the under developed nations that is involved in participating and knowing their democratic rights has been improved. Democracy is being enhanced by the internet posts that concerns other countries and through this, the other developing nations are able to apply what the developed nations are doing so that they are more modernized in the way they carry out their political activities. For example, democracy in Iran is being boosted to the people through the internet. The culture of fighting is reducing day by day and the citizens, knowing their democratic rights, have been enhanced (Atton 2004).

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The internet can also act as a media for publicity for politicians. Politicians use politics to advertise themselves and even give their mottos to the citizens. Modern politics is being influenced greatly by the use of internet. Most of the citizens of a country today know the person they will vote in to any sit. Therefore, the internet is bringing out the image of the politicians to its citizens. The internet has also improved communication between the politicians and the people. Through the internet, the politicians are able to hear the complaints from the people one on one by chatting with them or they can even rate their political game via the internet. The internet has changed the culture of many people’s attitude towards politics (Atton 2004).

Parties use the internet to advertise themselves. In turn, they gain a lot of fame and a party recruits many members into its group. Most parties have been promoted by the internet through spreading the activities that they carry out and demonstrating the conditions that are required for one to be involved in a political party (Oviedo et al. 2008).

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Much to the positive effects, the internet is continually destroying the image of some politicians. It is through the internet that the most prominent politicians are whipped. In some situations, this can fall under false accusation or sometimes the accusation may be real. With time, the culture of accepting everything that a politician says to its people is being eroded. This is because most individuals can access the internet and get to know the good and the bad that a politician can cause. It is also through this media that the politicians are able to gauge their number of followers. Some internet websites have been set to count and take the opinions of the people. Through this, the rating of the most popular political party can be established. In addition, politicians can be rated through the internet, thus, this makes it possible for most of them to gauge their competence. It is through the internet, that the culture of rating the candidates for presidency has emerged (Atton 2004).

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Through the internet, it is possible to know what political activity is taking place in another country. For example, with protest going on in Iran about the religious politics, the other countries are able to know what is good or bad for their health. Therefore, it would be right to say that the internet has changed the trends that exist in the political world. Internet has brought homogeneity in terms of individuality. The citizens in a country are now more elite in politics, hence, they are able to make their own decisions as opposed to the culture that existed before.


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