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While there are various types of mobile phones in the market, choosing the best model for an organization may not be very easy (Allen 2003). A closer analysis of the various mobile phone makes will ultimately lead to an informed decision on which of the brands fits an organization. This short paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages in using three major mobile phone brands. These three makes are the Blackberry 9780, Nokia E7 and Samsung 1917.

The three cell phones have several similarities. The three connect to the internet through the 3G+ speed. They are touch screens. They allow for a wider storage of data and have almost the same processor speeds. According to MIT & MIT Alumni (2005), both Nokia E7 and Samsung Super 1917 have similar cinematic image qualities and are installed with anti-glare screens making them friendlier under bright or dull sunlight. The three cell phones are integrated through Windows Hub and provide a high quality display of information.

Apart from the similarities based on their technical make up, the three phones are similar in the manner in which they address the purposes for which they were meant for. Nokia E7 was specially designed to fill in the professional gap between the working population and the accessibility of documents around their offices. As such, the phone is installed with the quick office application that enables users to edit and develop Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint documents (Allen 2003). Samsung 1917 was designed to address issues with internet webpage displays and to beef up interfaces on social networking applications. The phone fully attains this objective in the manner in which the task tiles present general information about a website. Maps and geographical applications are installed for web users to locate areas accurately. Blackberry 9780 was designed specifically to provide an upgrade in terms of interface.



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On the other hand, the three phones differ significantly. While Nokia E7 allows for real time business email and exchange Super AMOLED is designed to mainly run emailing and messaging trough third party applications like the 'email notifier'. Nokia E7 is installed with Quickoffice application that can read Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. With Nokia E7, it is possible for to edit and develop new documents. Samsung 1917, unlike the other two cell phones, has an engaging interface graced with task tiles for previewing websites. Its calendar, phonebook and applications are fully incorporated under Windows 7.

Blackberry's release, 9780, differs with the Samsung 1917 and Nokia E7. Most people call it a portable computer. It is a particular version of a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) in the same level as Palm pilot or Pocket PC but having different functions all together (Maginnis 2009). In totality therefore it can be referred to as an e-mail supporter device, cell phone ability with PDA functions. One characteristic they have is that they have a unique structural device resembling an alphanumeric keyboard but smaller in size. This is a characteristic that most PDAs don't have. At present they are competing at the same level with Iphones which according to many blogs are most preferred due to the incomparable futures. It has scored well in the market winning several nicknames attributed to its addicted customer base, elegant shape and the Smartphone Blackberry devices. The assembling of Blackberry 9780 has managed to include important software such as the Java with an interest in the environment modeling and that assessing business information to help small and medium sized business owners.

From the discussion presented in this short paper, it clear that Blackberry 9780 is the best bet for an organization to buy. The designers of Blackberry series of phones have made liaison with most of the software developers in order to make its product compatible with them. Such software includes business contacts, on-the-phone documentation, weather watch, news features among others that are vital to any organization (Gizmateer 2005). Hence, the availability of such an array of business related features in one cell phone package like Blackberry 9780 not only makes it 'cool' but an important tool for organizational communication. With this cell phone, employees and stakeholders of an organization are not limited to their offices in order to develop or edit documents. Furthermore, they are able to communicate through instant messaging applications installed on the cell phone.

Numerous blogs have been started by Blackberry developers about the cellphone and comparisons with other competing products from Nokia and Samsung. Association of Blackberry 9780 with major campaigns of products from reputed companies like airlines, motor vehicle industries and the general service industry is an indicator that the fine has been tried and rated highly by other organizations (Gizmateer 2005). Blackberry phones do not rely excessively on third party appliances since the company does collaborate with third party companies for extra components.

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To conclude, the task of choosing the best model of a cell phone for an organization to buy is not an easy one. There as many options and alternatives for buying a cell phone as types themselves. There is need for an organization to clearly identify the needs that they want a cell phone to satisfy. Cell phones in an organization are not entirely intended for voice calls only but for a wider range of communication purposes. The three models of cell phones discussed in this essay, (Nokia E7, Samsung 1917 and Blackberry 9780) are similar and different in a number of ways. After a careful analysis, it is recommended by the writer that an organization settles for the Blackberry 9780 due to various reasons aforementioned. The advantages of Blackberry 9780 are many and the positive communication impact that this device has in an organization is one that can never be overemphasized.


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