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James M. K. first published the book entitled "The postman always rings twice" in 1938, and later a movie based on the book launched in 1948 directed by Tay Garnett (Grant, 2006). Both talk about a young man called Frank Chamber who stumbles into a restaurant owned by Nick Smith where he receives employment reluctantly. Frank discovers that Cora, Nick's wife, is only in marriage to escape poverty. They soon fall in love, though Cora never loved Frank fully. They both plan to kill Nick. This plot later backfires though Nick dies, and they try to escape the blame. The following article compares and contrasts different aspects of both the movie and the novel.

Both the book and the movie were originally extremely naughty and erotic, aspects, which made them both banned in Boston at different times (Mayer, 2007). The book documented sex and violent scenes just as the movie, which people revealed it as having explicit sexual content. This only fuelled the popularity of the book, making it be the best seller (Cain, 1985), but the movie, on the other hand, was given a review in order for it suit a wide range of audience.



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The book captivated its readers to the end, making it an easy read but many criticized the movie as being shallow. Some of the critiques claimed that the film had to work hard to gain the audience trust, while the characters had to work extra hard to draw someone's attention. On the other hand, the book left readers thinking about the book day afterwards. In essence, a sharp contrast develops between the depths of the book in relation to the movie.

In the movie, the director brings about an aspect of things coming easy when Cora, who is the star of the film, spends less than two minutes with Frank before she claims that she loves him. The idea of killing the husband to get him out of the way also comes extremely fast. The book brings about a process through which the two people fall in love in a convincing manner. The book describes a process where Frank and Cora fool around before they get to fall in love.

This book captivates thriller crime and fiction book lovers based on how it brings out the crime of passion in such detail. On the other hand, the movie is a love story where Frank and Cora love each other. They have devious actions though the audience can clearly tell that they love each other. The movie though being a noir genre focuses more on love, as opposed to lust.

In both the book and the movie, the characters outdid themselves. The cast made watching the movie worthwhile because of their excellent performance. If it were not for the shallow storyline, the movie would have been a classic for all times. The book reviews describe the characters to have such power that they give a strong mental image of what they are. This is despite the fact that one can know them through their conversations with each other.


Both the book and the movie portray an intriguing and captivating piece of art. It is lacking in terms of depth and suspense in the latter part, where they have a captivating start. The main characters play a vital role in keeping their audience glued to the piece. Sexy scenes in both the book and the movie make it a true noir genre, though it focuses a lot on love.


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