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The poem Loneliness talks about loneliness. The poet tries to compare loneliness and rain, line 1. He shows how loneliness moves from the oceans and goes to the sky then back to the earth, Thomas D. and Anna A. 2006, pp 35. The rain comes at the time of dawn when people who may despise one another wake up and they part ways. The poem says that loneliness goes with the rivers to mean that two people get separated.

The poem A Sense of Something coming shows a sense of doom. The poet shows how a person moves from one place to another in search of comfort. The poem shows that human life is independent of other people in the society, line 10. It shows independence of a person whether in the company of other people or not. This means that other people do not affect the experiences we have in life. It also shows uniqueness of the journeys we have on earth. The poet compares himself to a flag in an open space. He senses a coming wind and he has to overcome it as other things of the world fail to move, Thomas D. and Anna A. 2006, pp 38. The doors are said to close softly in silence and the windows keep calmness and no dust can be felt. The poet knows what kind of problem may arise and that is why he says he will be troubled as the sea. He shows how he will move from the sea and gets back only to find that he is alone.



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The poem Loneliness and A Sense of Something Coming compare in various aspects. The poems have a common theme. They both show independence of human life. They also emphasize on loneliness. A sense of Something Coming starts by saying that the poet is like a flag in the center of an open space, line 1. In line 1, the poem Loneliness also shows compares being apart with rain and this shows loneliness. The two poems show that people will individually encounter different experiences in life. Each of the poems shows that the poet is searching for comfort. In the poem A Sense of Something Coming, the poet says that he lives out and falls back to show lack of dissatisfaction with his current place, line 10. In the poem loneliness on the other hand, the poet says that loneliness climbs up to heave and falls back, line 2 and 3.

The poem Loneliness and A Sense of Something Coming are similar in structure. Both poems have used short phrases and simple structure sentences. For example, in the poem Loneliness, there are phrases such as "it climbs to heaven", line 3, which is a short phrase while in the poem A Sense of Something Coming, there are short phrases such as "I leap out", line 10. The use of simple sentences and phrases makes the two poems compare in their simplicity.

Another comparison between the poem Loneliness and A Sense of Something coming is the use of simple language. The two poems have similarity in the choice of words used whereby the poet has used simple language. There is no use of hard vocabulary in any of the two poems thus they can be said to compare in the diction used in both. Another comparison between the two poems is in the use of common stylistic features. For example, both poems make use of similes. In the poem Loneliness, the poet says "being apart and lonely is like rain" line 1. In this line the poet compares loneliness with rain. Rainer also makes comparison in the poem A Sense of Something coming when he uses the simile "I am like a flag in the centre of open space" line 1.

The poem Loneliness and A Sense of Something coming contrast in various ways. One of the contrasts in the two poems lies in the use of metaphors. The poem A Sense of Something Coming uses Loneliness as a metaphor that is linked with a storm. The poet here tries to directly compare loneliness with a storm that creates problems to human life, line 11. In the Poem Loneliness, there is no direct comparison. The poem just links being lonely to the rain, line 1. This means that loneliness can only be compared to the rain but it is not the rain itself.

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The poems also compare in their moods and tone. Both poems have a sad tone and mood. In the poem Loneliness, the poet uses a sad tone to shows how it feels to be lonely. He shows how a person can move up and down in search of comfort but still come to realize that they are alone in all the life experiences. The poet emphasizes on the sadness of encountering difficulties as an individual and this is what causes a person to be depressed and disappointed, line 9. The poem A Sense of Something coming also has used a sad tone and mood. The poet talks being troubled, leaping out and falling back which show signs of problems, line 7 and 8. In conclusion, I can say that the two poems compare and contrast in various ways.


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