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Comparing and contrasting city and farm life has been a common theme of situation comedies, movies as well as novels for decades. Many people find themselves, at some point, questioning the advantages of living on a farm life to living in the city. While a case can be made for both locations as to which is the best place to live, it is vital to consider how the options, farm life versus city life, are similar as well as different. There are a number of ways to make such comparisons that include firsthand experience of each type of the city and farm living environments.

One such contrast is that people living farm lives and those living city lives have different social constructs as far as health and physical activities are concerned. This is as a result of the various social circumstances of the communities in addition to the locations in which they reside. People living farm lives, live a typical farming or country life as compared to those living in the cities (Smith 1).

Living a city life often has the advantage of sufficient access to health services, recreational facilities in addition to having relatively sufficient health education in comparison to farm life. People living in the city have therefore an advantage of health benefits, developed knowledge of physical activities, are exposed to health promotion campaigns in addition to having higher socio-economic status. All these factors have contributed to people living a city lives experiencing superior health compared to those living farm lives (Recomparison 1).



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Another key issue to be considered in any comparison between city and farm life is the quality of life. People living city lives have many more choices they can make regarding various aspects of their day-to-day lives. For example, people living city lives are more likely to find various kinds of foods and this could probably result in overall good health as there is greater diversity in terms of diet. Moreover, those living city lives enjoy opportunities to take a great number of social events since they always have a long list to choose from.

As a result of this, they always have an opportunity to get more cultured and therefore more likely to meet other people from other cultural and ethnic groups. Parents have also many options available for their children's education and can always pick from a long list of both private and public schools, which results in potential for better education. It is also important to note that city life offer their residents the opportunity to choose from a wide range of job options in a number of companies or organizations. On the other hand, people living farm lives do not enjoy same level of choices and in very remote areas one may forced to walk for long distances (Recomparison 1).

Another contrast between city and farm life is their surrounding environment. Farm life is often best described as a more peaceful as well as a healthy way of living. For example, farm life offers residents an opportunity to take pleasure in the natural world instead of having to go to places such as parks. Individuals are surrounded by the gifts of nature such as trees, sun, wind, animals, natural cycles etc. Moreover, people living farm lives do not have to struggle with the every day stresses associated with city life, for instance getting stuck in traffic, coping with high crime rates, and in most cases, having to pay higher taxes. The absence such stressors are known to have a significant effect on the overall quality of life. Alternatively, city life is often portrayed as fast-paced, modern, polluted, and full of work pressure as well as financial pressure (Recomparison 1).

On the whole, if there is any testimonial to be made regarding the quality of life in the farm, it is that, there is high probability to connect with the people as well as the landscape. However, one similarity between farm life and city life is that both entail a high level of socialization, even though on a cursory level E-how 1).

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The discrepancy of what an individual wants and needs has also something to do with where they are to be found. Individuals living a farm life identify as well as prioritize their needs much more than their wants. They are therefore familiar with what is essential for them to live a standard of living further different from others and closer to natural cycles that gives priority to things that are of greater importance.

Their wants are simple and they do not cling to the life they cannot afford. On the other hand, with the attractive as well as the competition inducing advertisements they watch on television along with the peer persuasions that urge them to acquire specific items, one cannot avoid feeling pressured to possess the items. City is therefore more complicated as compared to the farm life (E-how 1).

Lastly, a contrast between city and farm life can be seen in the types of housing available. In general, city residents have choices of living in apartments, townhouses and condominium. In contrast, those living farm lives often have housing options that includes mobile homes, single family detached homes in addition to the low-rise apartment building.Moreover; housing is more often than not cheaper for those living farm lives due to decreased demand (Herlihy 1).

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As a conclusion, both city and farm lives have their own draw backs which form the basis of their contrasts. Thus, individuals ought to think carefully before making decisions to live in the city or live a farm life since it's their decisions that bring differences in their lives.


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