Free «Vacation in the Mountains Compared to the Beach» Essay Sample

A thought of a vacation either at the beach or in the mountains is always exciting and so many people look forward to it. When planning for a vacation, people usually have many options, including the beach and mountains. Both have a variety of sceneries, which make them equally attractive as fun sites. There are some similarities and differences between them owing to different geographical features, climatic conditions, and the main human activities. This essay compares and contrasts these features in both the mountain and beach in relation to their roles as vacation destinations.

The sandy and salty beaches, the coastal waves the corals and sea creatures present exciting experience for having fun. The mountainside has wild animals and in some cases glaciers, which are excellent for skating and snowboarding. According to the geographical features a coastline is more exciting than mountains. The seaweeds are quite common in the coastal waters, and they provide the best home and food for thousands of fish species. The most interesting experience is when a person looks into the water while sailing a boat. Schools of fish of different shapes and sizes move gracefully in water. Besides, the coastal reefs like in Gazi Bay of Mombasa, Kenya are quite colourful and are a shelter for many sea creatures, including fish, sea urchins, sea stars, sea feathers, sea anemones, jellyfish, and octopuses. The beach also has mangrove swamps. The mangrove trees breathe through the roots. The deep waters of the coastline is a home to huge creatures like the whales and sharks. The coastal water waves provide an awesome experience, especially in the shallow waters where swimming is very fun. Playing in the beach is a real fun. The soft sand gives the comfort that blends well with warm sea breeze. The warm climate makes swimming enjoyable. People can also play soccer, volleyball and ride water bikes.

The mountain activities are mountain climbing, hiking, biking, and skiing in winter. Some mountains are natural reserves with a variety of wildlife and plants species. A lot of good restaurants and sporting activities are available on the beaches, as well as in the mountains. However, many people do not enjoy the cold mountain temperature as it can lead to allergy and altitude sickness. It is not easy to adjust to the mountain climate. Many people need to adjust first to the lower altitudes before climbing to the top. Some of the mountains where people go on vacation are found in many regions of the world. The most beautiful beaches in the world include the Acapulco, Cancun, and those of the East African coast.

A beach gives sun and fun. It is an attractive site for playing soccer, volleyball and some water activities. It is really fun to be in the beach on a vacation since one can see spectacular geographical features and a rich biodiversity. Mountains also have a wide range of flora and fauna different from the seaside. The different geographical locations and climatic conditions allow different activities in the mountains and on beaches. The two vacation destinations provide great fun and whichever a person chooses entirely depends on his or her preferences and choice. Personally, I prefer the beach more than the mountains, but the mountains can give me great adventures as well.


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