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There is a biblical story about the courageous young shepherd David accepted the challenge of the best warrior of Philistines Goliaph. The boy won when he hit his huge enemy with the stone. David became a beloved subject for different artists. Such famous sculptors as Donatello and Michelangelo also created their own sculptures of David.

There are a lot of differences between these two statues, but there are also some similarities. For example, they are connected by the legend of this young boy and the sculptors who made them the representatives of the Renaissance. The statues show David in the period of his triumph. Both have their body weight shifted to one foot. As both of the artists used to study antique art, the statues have noticeable characteristics of this style.

Speaking about the differences first of all it should be mentioned that Donatello’s David is made of bronze, whereas Michelangelo’s one is a marble sculpture. The first looks like a handsome young boy with the infant figure. He looks as he was described in the Bible. He is holding a sword in his hand, and he is standing at the Goliaph’s head. The second one looks very masculine and brave. He is holding slingshot in his hand. Donatello’s David who is wearing a hat and boots is shown at the moment of his triumph against Goliaph. The Michelangelo’s hero is captured at the moment of preparation. He is totally naked and looks like a Roman god. Donatello’s David was meant like an indoor statue; Michelangelo’s statue was supposed to be placed on a cathedral facade, but was relocated. Michelangelo’s David has a spectacular expressive face. At the same time, the face of the Donatello’s David is partly hidden under the hat brim and does not show strong emotions.

The statues are masterpieces of the talented artists, and they both deserve to be admired. They are pretty different, but they represent the views of two different, but talented sculptors.


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