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Free «Compare and Contrast Politics in the United States and England» Essay Sample

Differences are based on the constitution, executive, and legislature. The first difference is on the system of government. The United States system is that of a republican while the United Kingdom (England) is a monarchy. The constitutional monarchy is headed by a representative democracy. The England constitution is unwritten constitution while of the United States is a written constitution (Clarke 89).

The second difference is on the structural organization of the government. Whereas the US government is split into branches, the England is not. The party with the highest number of parties reigns the supreme in England. The prime minister is the head of the majority party in the House of Commons. The commands of the prime minister are almost equal with that of the king. The prime minister as such powers as power to declare or decline war, enter alliances, use of nuclear weapons and make cabinet appointments and other appointments to the state organs.

The third difference is based on the elections. The US elections have primaries while the England elections have no primaries in elections. The dates of elections are not set in prior time. The prime minister sets the date of the general election in the England politics. The US president must be at least 35 years of age and born in America. The eligibility of the PM in England is at least 21 years of age and of British origin.


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The forth difference is in England general elections in a simple system while that of the US tight race with an element of Electoral College. The winner is based on 50% +1 vote’s basis. The fifth difference is speaker in England is also a member of parliament while in the US a speaker is not a member of parliament. The sixth difference is USA president earns the highest pay in the world while the England PM is ranked fourth in terms of remuneration. The seventh difference the US president is both the head of state and government while the UK PM is the head of government (Milner 89).

The current president of America is Barrack Obama. The president is only eligible for a maximum of two terms. There is mention of God in almost every speech made in US while in the England there is mere mention of the name of God in speeches. Most US Politian wear pins with stars while the England politicians rarely wear a pin depicting union jack. This is a common difference.

Similarities between the US and England politics

The first similarity is both systems have court system, head of state, lower and upper house. The second common factor choosing of the head of state is through an electoral process. The US uses the Electoral College system while the England uses the simple majority vote system. The third similarity is the concept of democracy in both countries. The   rule of law takes precedence in both nations. The power of people to elect or remove leaders from power is in place. The forth common factor is use of system of checks and balances in the arms of government; this will enhance efficient management of the government. The fifth common factor is the heads of state signs acts of parliament in both nations. The sixth similarity is that countries have power to rule the world. The decision of the either country will influence the ret o the world. The last common factor the USA is a former colony of the British. There is sharing of common ties in the political arena (Clarke 88). 


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