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There are several reasons that result in a student’s failure. These reasons are most often interconnected. They involve both internal and external factors surrounding the student. It is essential to understand that singling out one reason can be deceptive and dangerous when determining the cause of failure. Therefore, one cannot blame the student alone or the institution but will consider factors from all sides.

Internal factors to the student that may affect his or her performance at school are vast. They include lack of commitment and motivation to pursue the studies, low inclination for effort, lack of maturity, fear of exams, and low self-esteem. The study choice may not be in line with ambitions of the student prompting laxity in the studies. The student may also have insufficient intellectual skills. This is acknowledged through the student’s struggle to keep up with learning prerequisites, school baggage and working methods like listening, taking notes, memorizing and exam preparation. A student may also fail due to inadequate personal skills. This includes poor concentration, time management and emotional control issues. A student may also feel distant and fail to interact with other students due to perceived cultural or geographical differences. This leads to low performance in the academics. Furthermore, personal and financial issues do affect performance considerably.

Several external factors also influence the student’s performance. These include study programs, study conditions, relevance of study, the requirements by instructors and the nature of exams.

The teaching methods do affect the performance of students, too. The teachers need to acknowledge that class is composed of students with varied mental capabilities. Therefore, no specific method should be employed. The teacher should study the class to identify those students who require personalized attention. This will assist the weak students. During teaching a teacher should also encourage the students and help develop positive attitudes. This will improve performance of all the students as they pursue education with zeal.


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