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As a renowned field of profession, social care has been an experience I have had in my life that I will live to recall. It is meant for those people who with an extremely strong desire and zeal to transform and also enhance the lifestyle of the affected people. It is a life experience that I have lived to help assist and improve on the lives of many people. Interacting with people from different parts of the world is an experience that each and every one of us would like to have in their lifetime. In social work, those who have specialized in medical and public health always provide aid to the many individuals who are affected by many chronic, acute or even terminal diseases.  While working as a social worker, I have had different experiences both regarding my profession (at work) and with the people I deal with.

As a matter of fact, the work I deal with involves interacting with friends, family members and the general public in a bid to ensure that each and everyone experience the best service and treated with the highest specialty. This means that the work I involve in consists of some hurdles that need to be overcome in order to make it a rewarding career. The work is terribly exhausting and involves some tiresome procedures that need to be followed to the latter. My experience in the social care field has been for the three years that I have been working in the profession. Three years has been enough for me to gain enough experience to deal with the challenges in the career. Moreover, I have learnt other skills that involve public health and the medical field at large.



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One of the greatest significance of the experience I have had in the field is that I have learnt to be brave and be able to handle impossibilities in the world. Furthermore, I have come to a realization that it is fundamental to treat minorities and people with difficulties with passion and take them as my brothers and sisters. For instance, I have worked in a residential home with many adults who have a number of problems ranging from learning disabilities to illness. Moreover, there are those with bi-polar disorders including other challenging disabilities. This has given me many learning opportunities which I utilized to the fullest. This is owing to the fact that I attended a multi disciplinary review that has been geared towards helping all service users determine most of their present needs and wishes. After the training, I was a transformed individual with experience in the public health sector able to deal with a number of issues at the same time. As a result, I have been able to stand out as a humble, industrious, well-behaved and hardworking individual ready to work under any circumstances for the best outcome and/or success of whichever institution I might be working with. Moreover, I have learnt to respect other peoples positions, status, cultures and preferences in the most preferred and/or reliable manner.

During my working in the field as a social worker, I have come face to face with a number of major problems that have tried to hinder my progress and strain my efforts to try and help people with difficulties. As a matter, it should be noted that social work involves a number of major players and that the work is not just done by one person. First and foremost, most of the social workers have to work for extra hours if duty calls them to do so. This is due to the fact that sometimes there are key complications that rise and are out of the workers control. One negative factor is that most of the work done overtime may not be compensated or remuneration is done. This means that workers have to sacrifice and/or volunteer for the extra work done. Moreover, I have been staying in a four bed roomed house and I have a lot of trouble dealing with studies as my children keep on disturbing my peace. This renders my study environment very much unsuitable for learning purposes.

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Apart doing extra tasks, social workers me included have had to work in very unfriendly, harsh and frustrating environments. Despite the fact that social works needs tolerance and perseverance, sometime conditions just go beyond the expected levels prompting us to take emergency measures to counter such situations. Notably, handling aged men and women is not that easy as they have to be treated with prudency and considering the fact that they may be unable to undertake some tasks on their own hence sometimes need help. For instance, once, I was forced to put my sleep aside in order to attend to one of the clients who claimed that he was going berserk. From my own analysis and point of view I managed to determine that he had been affected by early childhood memories. Loss of memory was one of the most difficult tasks to deal with while working as a social worker.

Additionally, there are some cases where clients contract diseases that cannot be diagnosed due to deficiency of expertise in the field. It is very much difficult to handle issues that one has little or no knowledge in due to the fact that you just cannot let somebody else suffer because you don’t know the right thing to do. It calls for courage and sheer determination to handle such cases. In social work, it is vital that one possesses the necessary and sufficient experience/knowledge while in the field. Furthermore, a proper understanding of the clients is also necessary.

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It is common for the above mentioned problems to occur in social work. However, the most challenging issue in social work is culture shock and language barriers. In social work, we meet with people of different races, cultures and languages. Some languages are not easily learnt and others cannot be understood by people from other language groups. Such diversity creates a stumbling block in doing social work. Some cultures and beliefs do not conform to what the social workers believe in. This sometimes hinders the work to be done if one does not acquaint him/herself with the community they are assigned to deal with. It is a common occurrence that some clients may be reluctant and even sometime turns out to be abusive if the social workers do not acquaint themselves to the cultures and customs they deal in.

This problem greatly affects those social workers who have to move from place to place all over the world doing what they best do. An outstanding example is where one does not have sufficient knowledge of the place they are visiting or extending their service. Moreover, if they do not know how to behave towards the people or how they re expected to behave. It is natural that culture differs from place to place and that even though one may think that they have behaved in the most expected or best way, it may just as well turn out to be a disgrace to the society they are dealing with. Thus, it is upon us (social workers) to provide the most essential support and guidance in order to receive the best service. Institutions hosting social work provision should take a step to train their workers on different cultures and languages despondingly. Furthermore, workers need to show utmost respect to the existing cultures, traditions and practices and should never try and change them.

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Objectives to Improve Work Situations

In any working condition, there must be set objectives to provide the way forward in ensuring that everything goes as planned and to the expected standards. This helps in tackling problems in the field and proper application of the personal knowledge we have gained. Just like in business, objectives form the most part of the strategy laid by the correspondents to ensure that the business succeeds in its endeavors. Some of the objectives that I have put in place to ensure that my work situation and conditions improve include;

  • To attain the most relevant knowledge and experience that would see me offer the best service to clients and in accordance with standards of the institutions I work under.
  • To give my best when it comes service provision keeping in mind that I have to respect people’s beliefs and cultures. This extends to work outside my working capability.
  • To ensure that I use the most appropriate communication skills when it comes to service provision. Moreover, I have to ensure that I maintain etiquette while dealing with clients of all kinds.
  • To respect my work program and follow the institutions schedule to the latter. Moreover, be able to sacrifice incase of emergencies or where extra work needs to be done with respect to the normal duty.
  • To measure my accomplishments in relation to the institutions standards and performance levels. This calls for self evaluation and determination of the activities that I have undertaken.

To achieve these objectives may not be as simple as it looks. It requires self determination and perseverance to accomplish these objectives. Moreover, cooperation from fellow social workers is vital for the achievement of these objectives.

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Despite the many hurdles that working in health and social care may present, there are many advantages tied to it. The self satisfaction feeling and experience gained is a thing worth living for. Communities should realize the value that this industry is creating and support these workers. The cultures that they have should not act as barriers towards achieving the desired help the less advantaged.


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