Free «Critique on Three Works of Art» Essay Sample

Diane Seated, a bronze sculpture of 1960’s by Richard Miller is one of the traditional sculptures. Miller’s work was figurative art; this choice of work was driven by his believe in figurative art’s ability to elicit interaction with people (Ball & Gottschalk, 2001).

Miller’s work was unique since during his time no other artist was known of using figurative art; most of the artists preferred abstract works. However, this uniqueness in his work did not act in his favor; his work was not considered as art form because it failed to represent particular style or subject matter (Ball & Gottschalk, 2001).The Diane Seated is a sculpture of a naked woman whose pose seemed quite creative; it is a sculpture of a woman with the right hand holding her right leg and she reclines backwards by her left hand (Ball & Gottschalk, 2001).

Miller’s success is as a result of his ability to capture the eyes his viewers by his presentation of awkward posture of a human being. His work shows a lot of creativity and talent in that the posture of the woman is done in a skillful way.



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Joe pogan art makes use of discarded metallic objects to make animal sculptures (Gravellier, 2000). His idea is that usage of such peculiar materials would catch viewers’ attention as the sculptures look complex and full of creativity. Joe seems to be inspired by the fact that metals have wide usage; he also seems to be interested with animals since his sculptures are of animals.

For instance the sculpture of an owl, he also has a sculpture of a fish on bait and more other sculptures of animals (Gravellier, 2000). Sure enough, his work is eye-catching; the use of disposed objects such as bolts and nuts, watches and sprockets is impressive for he gives an the idea that disposed objects can be useful in one or another.

Joe’s art work is not only visionary art but it also has a lot of magic realism (Gravellier, 2000); the integration of the pieces of metals to come up with an animal sculpture is fascinating. The materials used in the sculptures plays a major role in attracting the attention of the viewers who get fascinated by the ability to produce such artwork from simple materials.

The Fire Walker is another beautiful sculpture by William Kentridge and Gerhard Mark in Johannesburg (Bronwyn, 2003); it is made of black and white metal with the metal plates arranged in a way to give an impression of a woman with a burning brazier on the head. For far, viewers see the image of the woman but from a near view point, the fragments of the metals are seen (Bronwyn, 2003); this catches the attention of visitors and the sculpture is therefore a highly appreciated piece of art work.

The two artists seem to be inspired by the role of women in the city; these women are beautiful and hardworking and they go round the city selling mielies which they roast on the braziers. This work is impressive to viewers especially due to the ability of the artists to perfectly arrange metal plates and form an image of a woman. This work wins the attention of the viewers and it is also successful in helping the people appreciate metals as well as the role of the women in the city. The metaphorical power of this sculpture is interesting and brings out the skills of the two artists.


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