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Prostitution is the oldest profession in the history of humankind, and its prevalence all over the world puts to question whether it is a virtue or a vice. The effects of prostitution in various societies get analyzed differently resulting in embracing of the act in some areas and banning in other areas. Prostitution is embraced by societies that have concluded its benefits are far better than the adversities associated with the practice. The dwindling economic situations of most regions in the globe have led to consideration of prostitution as an alternative source of income. The ignoring of the moral aspect of this practice creates an opening to allow considering it as a norm within society. However, the adverse effects of prostitution cannot be ignored, as they can even cost the lives of multitudes. The stigma that society places on prostitution centers mostly on the moral aspect of the practice. This essay addresses the reasons why society should not legalize the practice of prostitution and how the effects the practice is detrimental to society.



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For a long time now, prostitution has not had the freedom to be practiced openly (Ringdal, 56). Legislation against it had taken root in most places within the globe. However, currently 22 states in the US have legalized prostitution causing public uproar. On the other hand, Thailand is the world capital for prostitution as it gets controlled by the government. The consideration of prostitution as a viable trade is spreading over the globe, and thus arises the need to remind the society on the adverse effects of prostitution. Perhaps the capitalist nature of numerous countries influences the need to create more jobs within the society, and in this desperation, for economic fulfillment the society loses sight of the limits to which such initiatives should go.

Prostitution goes against the society as it is considered as being immoral. The basic unit of the society is the family. It gets built on moral principle of faithfulness and partaking in activities that build the character of the upcoming generations. The presence of prostitution without any control after its legalization openly declares that it is okay to participate in the practice. Sexual restraint is a virtue in society, and openly declaring that sexual deprivation can get annulled by soliciting for sex from prostitutes’ breeds an immoral society. Partaking in premarital and extramarital sex will get encouraged by the legalization of prostitution within the society. Premarital sex leads to a culture of single individuals without the need for marriage. This is because intercourse will get viewed only as a means of getting pleasure rather than for its core purpose: procreation. The destruction of innocence of young individual becomes prevalent in such a society as they are exposed, willingly or not, to prostitution and its affiliates. Advertisements, public locations of brothels and customers of the industry have a high chance of affecting the young minds of the society. Extramarital sex due to ease of getting sexual services in the society can break families and cause strife within the structure of the family. This should be considered keenly before legalizing prostitution, and in effect result in its banning (Henriques, 177).

The health of the workers and customer of the prostitution will be at a higher risk following its prevalence due to legalization. The lack of proper education on sexual health risks the lives of the many people associated with this industry either directly or indirectly. The fact that the people in this industry participate in the trade in a state of inebriation (Rio, 77) their reasoning is mostly below average. The plight of HIV/AIDS and other severe sexually transmitted diseases does not get any better if prostitution is legalized. The number of new infections in the US alone in the year 2009 was about 48,100 (Epidemiological Notes and Report Antibody to Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Female Prostitutes). Given, they had the facilities and support to educate them on how to prevent the spread of infection. This projects a much higher infection rate in countries with lesser facilities and education for the prevention of the spread of the various sexually transmitted diseases. Caution is thrown to the wind with the lack of condoms and contraceptives in the time of partaking in this business at the expense of health and lives of customers and prostitutes. This results in high death tolls and tremendous expenditure in the health department in treating those who acquired sickness from their association with the industry. This puts other projects such as infrastructure and education on hold as most of the funds are directed to the health department to treat the casualties of sexual activities within the prostitution industry.

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Prostitution is associated with a lot of crime (Caldwell and Williams, 56); therefore, legalizing it will increase the crime rates in the society. Drug peddling and physical assaults are prevalent within the prostitution industry. The drug addiction amongst prostitutes will project upwards putting them at risk if prostitution is legalized. Human trafficking also gets prevalent as crude investors search for women to work in their brothels (Caldwell and Williams, 167). The law will not ensure the sufficient safety of the prostitutes in case it is legalized. The customers might harass the prostitutes given they do not have the security in their jobs that other government-approved job offers. Procurers who manage a group of prostitutes are also prevalent in the prostitution industry. They make prostitutes their dependants making them his/ her subjects. The professional relations of pimps and their employees, the prostitutes, are very parasitic as there is no job security in prostitution. These crimes will become more prevalent in the advent of legalization of prostitution within the society. Therefore, prostitution should not be legalized within the society.

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On the other hand, prostitution is viewed as a source of income or most people in the industry (Whelehan, 89).

The government wants to involve them in the tax scheme to benefit the whole nation too. The war against prostitution has proved futile. Over the ages, it has remained within society, and thus legalizing it would be beneficial to the economy. This is indeed a viable reason for legalization of prostitution, in the short run. Prostitution has a vast customer base, and despite this statistic being attractive to business prospectors in the industry, in the end the expense of maintaining the industry will exceed its benefits (Satz, 78). The diseases, crimes, and immorality within the society would reach overwhelming proportions leading to social instability.

In conclusion, legalizing prostitution has more adverse effects than benefits. The society cannot stand the effects of prostitution at a large scale after its legalization. The measures to control the industry can never be sufficient to control it. The formulation measures to control the vices that arise from prevalent prostitution will get strenuous. As at now, in areas where prostitution is not practiced legally, the measures to curb it are inefficient; therefore, after legalizing it, keeping prostitution within manageable limits would get extremely hard. Therefore, legalization of prostitution is not justified. In view of prostitution, the government should consider the long-term projection of the industry given its nature .Prostitution should remain illegal.


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