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Thymos is developed as a result of socialization and civilization of mankind. Everyone is aware that there is not much difference between man and other creatures of this world, and both have similar basic necessities of food, shelter, and sleep. However, when man learned to colonize and use the resources for his betterment he simultaneously developed the qualities of pride and competitiveness. If he had restricted himself by fulfilling his needs no contradictions would have surfaced.

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His demands increased and he slowly held positions to dominate and misuse power. This point can be emphasized by referring to the works of Machiavelli who was branded as a teacher of evil for his preaching that says a true ruler should be ruthless and be feared than to be loved. He based his theory on the tendency of human nature and how it gets corrupted upon evolution through socialization. According to him, man not only develops pride and competitiveness even moral values have no place in the sorts of decisions that political leaders make, and it is a category error of the gravest sort to think otherwise.

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He further says, "If it were possible to change one's nature to suit the times and circumstances, one would always be successful" (Machiavelli 1965, 91, trans. altered). Another proof for this thought is supplemented by Carl Marx. According to Carl Marx, in "Communist manifesto", modern laborer instead of rising with the process of industry, sinks deeper and deeper below the conditions of existence of his own class. He becomes a pauper, and pauperism develops more rapidly than population and wealth. This creates insecurity among people and they develop the qualities of Thymos. Likewise, In "A Discourse on Inequality", Rousseau sets out to demonstrate how the growth of civilization corrupts man's natural happiness and freedom by creating artificial inequalities of wealth, power and social privilege. Wealth only helps in creating an unnatural advantage for the stronger ones in society to gain control of the weaker sections. Further, the efforts to rectify such disparity through the adoption of justice, and peace only help perpetuate the imbalances. To conclude we can vehemently declare that man's competitiveness and hatred stemmed from civilization, and to live a harmonious life with nature like the other animals would reduce the sufferings of mankind.

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