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This world is comprises on different things in which hundreds of thousands of people lived. Naturally, the nature of each person will be different from the other in some or all aspects (Neil 19). There is strong relation between the nature of person and its personality, this is the main reason why the personality judge so often in our society.

It has been consensus; people who are violent in nature can become violent anywhere and anytime. Mr. Mather is a person who researched on this area a lot because he is concerned with the escalating situation of workplace violence in his organization. He highlighted three points by which people can reduce the rate of violence from the workplace. We have to critically analyze these points and have to jot down the major weakness and strengths of these points respectively.

The first point he arose was associated to prescreen of the candidates. According to him the family background of the candidate must be check critically while granting him the job. This action can be fruitful but not cent percent, as the family background of a person is not the ultimate indemnity of his optimum action and behavior, so strength and weakness lies in this point. Rather focusing on just the family background, the organization has to investigate about the person's own behavior from his mates and other people to get the idea regarding his violating behave.Second suggestion is very good and should be implemented. The company has to make the book of ethics and behavior and should distribute among their employees to prevent any chance of violence at the workplace. This suggestion has no weak point associated with it.

The third recommendation proposed by Mather was also good as far as making the red flags of the activities which should not be performed in the workplace but it will not be worthwhile in controlling the violence at workplace until and unless strict actions not being taken for the people who found guilty while committing this activity before. If the organization really wants to control violent activities from the workplace then they have to reveal the culprit behind it first and must punish them in front of all the co-workers, which will certainly helps them to control this criminal activity.


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