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I agree with President Obama's option to stop America from relying on foreign oil and start to produce adopt other sources of energy that are found with America. This is due to the fact that importation of oil is not only expensive and time consuming, but is also environmental unfriendly and reducing economic development within America. This is because, taxpayers' money that should have been used in economic development are normally spending on importation of oil which is sold expensively on its arrival in America. Hence, if America stops to rely and importing oil from foreign countries and concentrate on generating and improving its own source of energy, it will have high quality sources of energy that will be readily available across the country.

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when relying and improving energy sources such solar energy, steam and coal other than depending on foreign oil, there will be more employment opportunities, adequate energy and that environment will be also preserved. Furthermore, money that is being used for the importation of this fuel will be diverted to other projects like improving health care system, educational institutions, among many other economical projects (Reynolds, 2010). Nevertheless, what the groups of people who are opposing this concept of stopping America from depending on foreign oil lacks to understand is that by depending on their own source of energy, money spend on the importation will now start to be used within the state. They are not also aware that the quality of energy which they generate will be of high quality when compared to imported ones.

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Self dependence will also reduce cases of death that Americans face in foreign countries in their attempts to search quality oil and while transporting oil. For a long period of time, there have been many cases where Americans were killed in the oil fields or oil tankers felled and burst into flames burning American drivers and co-drivers (Freeman, 2007). Thus by generating its own energy, all these catastrophes will have reached their end since no energy shall be required to be transported again. Therefore, my thinking capacity has been hindered by all the above habits. This is due the fact that despite all significance associated with the implementation of this plan, the opposing groups are still blindfolded and not able to see all the advantages and benefits that are associated with this program. Therefore, there is an urgent need of me to overcome these habits that are hindering my thinking ability. In order to overcome these habits, I will start to focus on the issue critically analyzing both healths, political, social and economic effects of stopping America to rely on foreign oil. I will also be focused on what it will take for America to produce its own energy that will be adequate to energy to be used across the country. I will also analyze critically other advantages associated with this project including creation of employment opportunity, environmental conservation among others. I will analyze thoroughly the number of Americans employed in the sector of oil importation and those that will secure employment if America starts to produce its own energy.

Effects of the generated energy will be compared to the associated with importation of oil from foreign count. if it is proved that the number of Americans working in the field of oil importation will be many when compared to those that will be working in American energy industry and that effects of producing energy in America will be immense on environment will be severe when compared to importation, then I will encourage that the project should be stopped and America continue to rely on foreign oil. But if it turn out to be the other way round, then I will call upon all Americans to work together so as to ensure that this project is accomplished fast for the wellbeing of the whole country and Americans.

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