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Analysis of shopping behavior is an integral part of Jcpenny research analysis. This is because this crucial information is important in making decision of training, marketing and creating awareness to both buyers and sellers in the market (QIRAS 2010). Towards this, this paper takes a critical analysis of consumer shopping behavior through collecting relevant information. Information is collected in form of the questions bellow:

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2. How much do you on household items?3. How much do you spend on food?4. Do you go for holidays?5. If yes, how frequent do you go?6. What percentage of your income do you save?7. Do you like shopping online?8. Do you contribute to charitable work?

9. Which type of food do you like?10.Have you ever doing impulse buying?11.Do you like window shopping?12.Do you budget before going shopping?The above questions will help in carrying out quantitative and qualitative research on human shopping behavior. The result got will go along way in solving emerging issues in consumer behavior in the market.


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