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Free «The Bagram Detention Facility» Essay Sample

The Bagram detention facility began as a unit which kept detainees for a short while as they waited to be transported to prison. It was an airbase that was allocated for interrogation of suspects, which later became a detainee’s center. The Bagran detention center then turned to be a complete unit for the detention of terror suspects. However, many reports have been published about the immense inhumane treatment that has taken place at the detention center. As a result, many died in this place. This paper will look critically at the activities that took place at Bagram.

The main reason as to why people are imprisoned is to ensure that they are punished for the mistakes they have committed. The punishment given to any prisoner is aimed at changing the individual that has been found guilty. The definition of punishment at Bagram slowly changed to becoming torture. The victims of torture in the detention center do not live to testify of the evil treatment that they received in these centers. The inhumane treatment reached its climax when the prisoners of Afghanistan were subjected under torture till death. Eye witnesses claim that the people were humiliated in the most inhumane way. The detainees were humiliated by the soldiers who were guarding the prison. Sontag reports that the prisoners were tortured so that they could provide certain “information or confessions”.

Torture was so evident at this detention center. The prisoners that were taken in had a rough time with the soldiers. The evidence of the torture that many prisoners went through is sexual humiliation. The prisoners were forced into wild sexual activities. The photographs documented, reveal the immense torture these people went through in Bagram. Some of the prisoners had no access to attorneys. These people had not been judged or gone through any trial. It is shocking that the government has this in the record, but could not act on it. In fact, they encouraged the soldiers that they were doing a fantastic job.

Apart from torture, the soldiers who perpetrated these acts took photographs of their victims. This clearly shows that the soldiers were not regretting what they were doing to the defenseless prisoners. They took photographs of dead people who they hanged after beating them to death. These pictures which the soldiers took were for their “fun, their observations, which they found picturesque”. They would later “email them around” for other people to see. This is enough evidence that the soldiers had fun while torturing these people. Had they forgotten that the detainees were equally human?

The sexual scenes are not the only ones used on these detainees. The soldiers used dogs to terrorize the prisoners. Once these people were brought in, they would be subjected to harsh punishment so that they can talk the secrets of their armies. They were stripped naked, and the dog would be released to bark at them. Some were placed in extremely dark rooms for many days till they became blind. Stress positions were another way of pressing these people. A detainee would be forced to stand for hours or bend for long hours.

In all this harsh treatment, the U.S soldiers were to get confessions from these people. However, the soldiers turned the interrogation center into a place of having fun, take photographs to show their friends through the internet. Hence, the mistreatment of these poor fellows yielded no fruits. The end of the day, the detainees die without being proven guilty. This has so far been the most inhumane treatment that has happened since the investigations of the U.S bombing in 2001. In conclusion, the happenings in the Bagram detention camp were true torture, and a clear demonstration of injustice. Hence, these acts qualify to be termed as torture.


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