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Free «Hey, Dad I Love You» Essay Sample

1) The video, hey dad I love you promotes the message of a drug free world. The advertiser wants the viewer to believe that it is possible to have fun even on a family setting without necessarily using drugs. The video also wants the viewer to accept the fact that it is possible for parents to be become better parents. The video sends the message that parents can abstain from drugs and alternatively spend time with their family and kids engaging in other fun activities like playing video games.

2) One of the claims made by the video is that it is possible to become a better parent by visiting the website of the Partnership for Drug Free America. The video offers the evidence through the main plot of the video where the father is having fun with his son playing video games. The pair seems to be having a fun with them without the influence of any drug. This shows that there are better ways of having fun other than indulging in drug abuse.

3) The claim made by the video about the possibility of parents becoming a better parent after visiting the website of partnership for drug-free America is somehow reasonable. The message directs the viewers to a website where they can obtain help about drug abuse to make them abstain from drugs and in the process become better parents (Drad, 2000). The video seems to send the message that with drug abuse it is not possible to enjoy moments of fun with family.



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However, this claim that visiting this website of the Partnership for Drug Free America will make one become a better parent has shortcomings because it is not easy to relate the evidence offered in the video and the intended message. The main script consists of a boy and his father playing video games together, and it is hard for the viewer of the video to relate this script with the theme of drug abuse. One way in which the advertisement can be made to connect well with this claim is including the statement that there are better ways of having fun than just indulging in drug abuse.

4)The claim made by the advertisement does not go contrary to the findings of scientific research Considering the fact that the drug abuse in real life causes many problems for the society. For example, drugs cause poor health, disorientation and lack of concentration. Drug abuse also causes poor judgment and poor memory because they interfere with the functioning of the mind and memory. All these negative aspects of drugs make people to become poor parents who cannot care well or afford the time to spend time playing with their kids. They also increase the risk towards aggression and violence (Myer, 2010).

However, the design of the video does not make it connect well with the intended message, a possible alternative would be to include a connecting script that seems to make the viewer question whether it is possible to have such fun moments with kids if a parent is under the influence of drugs. Alternatively, the advertise can include in a statement that decries the precious moments of fun that drug abuse deny parents of spending time with their family to make the intended message more clearer. It is not convincing enough to buy products recommended by the video because the message in the video is not captivating enough.

5) The characters used in the video, Dad I love you are just two, a boy and his dad enjoying playing video games together. The choice of the two characters used in the video illustrates the product of the advertiser are targeted towards parents who gave children.

6) There are few emotional components in the video dad I love you. The only emotional component in the video is the joy that parents and children derive from spending time together playing video games. This emotional component is used by the advertisers to make sure that viewers can be captivated by the scenes of the good relations between the boy and dad and the question then reason behind the cordial relationship. The advertiser then directs the viewer to the possible source of this cordial relationship, which in this case is the website of the Partnership for American without Drugs for more information.

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In conclusion, this video does not serve its purpose of delivering the message of the ills of drug abuse to the viewer. It is hard for the viewers of the video to relate the script of the boy and the man playing the video games and the message of drug abuse. One way of making this video serve its intended purpose is including the message, by inclusion of content that will make the viewer realize that drug, abuse robs parents the time and the chance to play and have time with their kids.


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