Free «Intelligent Inquisitiveness» Essay Sample

Julian Assange is an intelligence operator and a powerful media member used by intelligence organization. He is an internet activist who serves as a controversial spokesperson for a volunteer driven website. This is the website responsible for publication and comments from leaked government alleging documents and corporation. He has reviewed ugly secrets of governments. This is why Assange should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for leaking these secrets. The secrets on information that could have seen the economy go down due to mismanagement of public funds and resources.

Putting Assange into prison would be meant to curb the vice of hacking, but may not reach that goal. The government should understand that this form of intelligence needs utilization, rather that suppressing. They should take Assange and use his intellectual to come up with other measures of preventing leakage of information. Never the less, putting him in jail would solve a problem in one direction but leave the major problem unsolved. This is because Wikileaks has other intellectuals who can still leak government documents and information. More loopholes may be created other that covering those already existing. This is why the government should be careful in taking their action over Assange.


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