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This essay discusses the great influence of Television advertising influence on the youth market. Through the essay, it will be shown that the television advertising is detrimental to the youths due to the creation of false sense of what is value. 

Television Advertisements and the Youths

Strasburger (2006) argues that there are restrictions in several of the European countries against advertising which is directed towards the youth. However, he claims that this is not the case in America. He further argues that TV watching is a very common habit, "the average young person views more than 3000 ads per day on television (TV)," (par. 1). Strasburger (2006) claims, that advertiser intentionally make the youths their target for their advertisements. The author argues that this is done because the advertisers will prefer establishing a brand preference at a young age. Research has shown the youth have got lot money to use for spend. According to research works it is illegal to advertise to the children because, "They are cognitively and psychologically defenseless against advertising" (Strasburger par. 2). The biggest challenge is that they lack the understanding of the intent to sell posed by the advertisement and instead takes in the advertising claims at the face value.

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Strasburger (2006) insists that that in America, advertising forms part of the big business and as such have a major effect on the American youths. The federal government has instituted some restrictions on the some kind of advertisement which tend to pose health risks to the youths (Strasburger, 2006, par. 3).


According to the centre on alcohol marketing and youth (2010), alcohol advertising has a great influence on the decisions made by the youth. The centre reports that, "research clearly indicates that alcohol advertising and marketing also have a significant effect by influencing youth and adult expectations and attitudes, and helping to create an environment that promotes underage drinking" ('Centre,' 2010, par. 2). The centre website lists a number of studies which have indicated that alcohol drinking highly influences the youth to start drinking. All these studies indicated that the influence mainly came from watching TV advertisements on alcohol. It was indicated that the adverts used simple graphics to influence the youth, "A study on the responses of young people to alcohol advertising found that underage youth are drawn to music, animal and people characters, story and humor in alcohol advertising" ('centre,' 2010, par. 6).

The ease with which the youths are easily influenced has been explained from the neuroscience, psychology and marketing literatures.

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It is argued that due to the logistics of the development of human brain, the youths are particularly attracted to products which are branded: this include, "alcohol that are associated with risky behavior and that provide, in their view, immediate gratification, thrills and/or social status" ('centre,' 2010, par. 8). Furthermore, the website centre quotes the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) associating, "clever jingles, flashy lights, fast talking, and quick pacing" as forming part of the influence on youth to drinking.


The advertising has equally the eating habits of the youths likewise the youths. According to the pediatrics (2006), the food advertising more often than not affects the choice of food taken by the youths. Pediatrics (2006) records that the youth more often without the permission of their parents buy foods which are high calories but of very nutrients. This is associated with the advertising trends which is not likely to change any soon. Alcohol and food are just but two areas in which the youths are susceptible to the advertising. It should be noted that the TV advertisements aimed at the youth do for whatever product do have a great success in winning over their target.   

Sharma (2009) argues that the influence TV advertisements lie in the way they are presented. According to Sharma (2009) this adverts are passionate and as such they become quite appealing to the youth. He argues that the adverts only have to be modified to look cool in the eyes of the youths. He further argues that the TV advertisements aimed at the youths are focused on marketing which targets at the building of grass roots. Furthermore, he argues that the youth advertisements advertise with the youth and as a result they are more influential (Sharma, 2009).    


The advertisements aimed at the youths are mainly aimed at making more sales. Most of the products meant for the youth are detrimental to their health. Take for instance, alcohol taking. The way alcohol is advertised makes it quite appealing to the youth and lures them to participate in alcohol taking. Alcohol taking among the youth will most likely affect their lives most conspicuously by first affecting study patterns. The type of food taken is also a point of concern. A wrong diet taken will affect the body development process and in some cases, depending on the food taken, some diseases may be initiated (heart attack due to cholesterol accumulation).


The youths are likely to spend more of their cash on flashy, expensive items. This sets a bad precedent for their future lives as they are more likely to misplace their priorities whereby the basic priorities will no longer be the top priorities. This will definitely affect the standard of their lives as basic priorities are a very necessary in one's live.


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