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  • Enjoys a budget of whooping $689,591,000,000, the highest allocation in the entire world. Combat arrangements never fail at all because there are enough resources.
  • The navy has 75 submarines and 59 destroyers; no country across the world has invested like the United States. This kind of strength enables the army to fire from any part of world since water surrounds the earth surface.
  • Enjoys the most sophisticated intelligence system enabling it detect several attack attempts and respond to them timely
  • Have 2,384 Naval units, the largest in number worldwide.
  • Possesses 56,269 land based weapons. The US is considered to have one of the biggest ground army which require great investment; the state has provided this adequately.
  • The land system is categorized with 8,325 tanks, 18,539 armoured tanks, 1,934 self propelled guns, 1,791 towed artillery pieces, 1,330 rocket projectors, 7,500 portable mortar systems, 2,800 portable AT weapons, and 106,407 logistical vehicles.
  • The army also enjoy high pay rates that cannot be compared to other sectors within the US economy. This is strength which will ensure that soldiers get amounts that compensate them for exactly what they do in such risky job. High pay also enables many people to join the army.




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  • Lack of heavy fire supports in the navy for heavy anti ship warfare or shore bombardment. This weakness put many other countries that consider themselves powerful take this advantage.
  • Lack of adequate helicopter escort carriers on patrol. Even, this mode of transport seems expensive many analysts perceive it one major weakness to the United States.
  • Lack of adequate search and rescue facilities within the navy tend to affect the operations of the whole army. Soldiers require adequate care and commitment from their nation and such a weakness can lower their morale easily.
  • Steadily declining bomber force occasioned by attritions and retirements of age. The levels of retirees are getting bigger and this therefore has viewed by many analysts as one major weakness.
  • The CH 46 marine is becoming old, outdated and risky. This require an immediate attention to make the unit more dependable and responsible
  • The heavy artilleries used in the army are old and outdated and need to be replaced with Crusaders. Such kinds of weakness enable other enemies of the United States to capitalize on them and be able to pose serious danger to the American nation and its people.



  • Embrace innovation to detect and recognise revolutionary tactics and philosophies ahead of their enemies. Policy formulation and implementation ensures that the US Army identifies and makes use of any opportunities that arise.
  • Commonly known as Revolutions in Military Affairs; the United States is one country which has proven its democracy and therefore when it comes to warfare, it enjoys a range of opportunities.
  • Spearhead formulation of latest and deadliest weapons of attack to detect and counter the rising cases of terrorism
  • Recruit highly trained expertise in modern technology to be deployed in the intelligence work. United States is one of the countries that attract very many people from all over the world and this has contributed positively to sustainable supply of labour. Highly skilled persons travel to seek citizenship and eventually employment within the United States army.
  • Use the superpower aspect to control advancement to deadly weapons such as nuclear weapons by countries like Iran and Korea. Such monitoring and control aspects give the United States leeway to encourage the long awaited democracy among many nations.
  • United States currently have the opportunity to control major events across the whole in its ally nations. Political issues have been affected positively or negatively by the involvement of the US. This has given them an opportunity to create army bases for training and also for making attacks to its enemies.


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  • Increasing cases of ever mutating terrorism making it tricky to come up with long term preventive measures of the menace. Terrorism and terrorists are developed a life which grows from one stage to another. This poses a lot of problems to the US army.
  • Advancement of nuclear weapons by most Eurasian countries has become a major threat to the United States army. Some countries have decided to invest more into nuclear reactors and bombs. The army now is investing more time to solve conflicts through various ways such as diplomacy. All these need serious considerations because Eurasian Countries take no chances at all.
  • The deadly economic crisis and recession that reduced government’s fund for the Army became one big threat not even to the army alone but also to the sectors of the economy. During recession times decision making became somehow strict and slim due to other urgent priorities in the government budget.
  • Use of children by Taliban as suicide bombers against coalition forces making them target children too. Such actions by militia groups portray a very uncaring image of the United States Army and thus affect their scale of operations towards terrorism.
  • The rise of China army suggesting to posses superior and deadly weapons. This will promote a shift or rather dependence from the US.
  • The drifting away of foreign partners towards the Middle East in terms of trade especially most African countries. This has brought some diverse thinking and also redirection of efforts towards many continents unlike the past.


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