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The presentation of self in everyday life provides a comprehensive view of the behavior of human beings in when they interact socially. The concept offers an explanation of how human beings present themselves to others. The aspect of self presentation also details how people conduct themselves before others, as well as the embarrassments faced by people in their everyday life. The patterns of behavior discussed by Goffman in “the presentation of self in everyday life” have remained to be relevant even today. This essay will discuss the concept by Goffman. More specifically, the essay will apply these ideas to me based on my interactions with other people.

Whenever I find myself in the presence of other persons, I strive to express and present myself in such a manner that will please those with whom I interact. Both my verbal and non-verbal communications tend to be focused on creating a lasting impression on other people. In most cases, I find myself trying to control how others conduct themselves more so with regard to how they view me, as well as treat me. I fit into the situation I find myself in, and this enables me to have healthy interactions with the people I encounter. I always manipulate the situation in order to seem desirable to others and create bonds with them; this is instrumental as it plays a key role in my interaction with other people. I have to adapt to every situation that I find myself in, and this plays a phenomenal role in ensuring that I create rapport during social interactions.



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Every time I am with other people, I strive to ensure that I communicate in a manner that helps in enhancing interactions with other persons. Moreover, I have to be respectful to the core values and norms of society so that I can fit in other people’s lives. When I give the impression of the ideal and real standards that define my behavior, I do not expose the actions, which may make me seem inconstant before other persons. For example, I try to hide secret pleasures while interacting with other persons, and this helps me fit in the larger group of family members and the society at large.

Based on the presentation of self in everyday life, I always strive to ensure that my interaction with other persons is harmonious. This is helpful as it aids in enhancing the sustainability of the interactions, which I have with other persons. More so, there is a tendency to exercise control over how other persons conduct themselves. This is mostly based on how other people respond to me and treat me. In order to gain control of the situation, I strive to ensure that other persons act in accordance with the plans I have. Therefore, whenever I am in the presence of other people, I work towards ensuring that I convey an impression to other people, which will enable me to advance my interests.

In addition, I apply the concept of “the presentation of the self in everyday life” when I find myself in various situations. For example, I behave differently and tend to portray varying character traits in various situations and circumstances. On this regard, therefore, there is a tendency to have several social selves based on the situation in which I find myself. For instance, I am a totally different person in a class setting as I am at home; this is because the roles that I am expected to play in these situations tend to vary considerably. Moreover, I strive to avoid exposing my weakness so that other persons have a positive view of me. The behavior that I portray is in line with my character and I always avoid behaviors, which may seem to be irritating to other people. I give an impression that does not contradict the person that people think I am.

As a human being who keeps on changing in accordance to the situation, I normally engage in dramaturgy during my interactions with other persons. The manner in which I express myself in everyday life also comes out clearly whenever I am involved in the activities of teams and groups. Although I may feel that the decisions reached at seem to be unimpressive, I do not necessarily oppose what the team has decided. I try to hide the bitter part of my feelings, and this ensures that I contribute to the wellbeing of the group. Another key aspect of my character, which relates to the presentation of self in everyday life, includes the mode of dressing. In most cases, I tend to dress with the aim of impressing other people and letting them know that I am smart. I always manage the impression I create to other people in order to ensure that there is no hindrance or a barrier, which can disrupt my interactions with other persons.

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In terms of impression management, I also work extremely hard to ensure that I avoid inappropriate gestures, which may convey inappropriate impressions to the people I meet in my everyday life. I attempt not to create scenes so as not to cause unnecessary disruptions to the set rules. Although strange situations may seem to challenge to fit in, I always strive to ensure that I appropriately fit in situations that may seem challenging. This way, it becomes easier not to disrupt peace, and it ensures that other people accept me in their lives.


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