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This research proposal develops an anti-bullying campaign planner in form of school counselling program. The paper examines the cost benefit analysis of this intended program. In this, the paper outlines the intended sponsors of this program, the mechanism that this counselling program is set to adopt and highlights the benefits that both sides of the students stand to enjoy. The paper ends by running a cost benefit analysis and giving the estimated cost of the program.

Justification of the Research Proposal

Bullying in school environment raises numerous concerns to the relation of students, their safety, and their overall performance at large. Bullying brings forth numerous negative implications to the student’s wellbeing. Some of the impacts brought forth by bullying among others include; negative relation among students, mental and psychological stress to the bullied students, reduced academic performance, negative attitude towards school attendance, unwanted social behaviours that make it difficult for the bullies to integrate with society after school.



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Previously, other corrective approaches such as punishment were exercised but have had their challenges that have not seen the issue being addressed with the expected success. The law for instance abolishes corporal punishment to students calling for innovation of other means to address bullying. Counselling promises to give long-term solutions to bullying in schools and as a result, a comprehensive plan on how to accomplish this becomes necessary. A cost benefit analysis is essential to objectively implement this program. This research proposal gives the estimated cost of the program as well as the expected sources of the funds. Well execution of this program promises numerous benefits to both the bullying and bullied students.

Anti-Bullying Campaign Planner

This program adopts an objective approach in addressing bullying. To begin with the plan sets to identify the causes for bullying, prevalence or likelihood of occurrence and the severity of the consequences of bullying. These three aspects are established by conducting a survey among students in form of interviews and questionnaires. Once established, the cost of counselling services and mechanisms is established. 

    Severity of Impacts Severity of Impacts
    Low High
Likelihood Low    
Likelihood High    

The above planner helps identify the likelihood of occurrence and severity with which bullying affects school system. This further helps approach expertise in counselling to establish the estimated cost both material and intellectual of the counselling program. 

Sponsors of the Program

This research proposal targets a number of sources to fund this program. The first sponsors of the program include the parents and the school community. Each parent is set to contribute cash to execute the program. The school as well sets aside some kitty to execute the program. Anti-bullying organizations and well-wishers promise monetary contribution to the success of this program.

Mechanism of Implementing the Program

The school intends adopting varied mechanisms in carrying out this program. Such mechanisms include setting up of anti-bullying counselling department to address bullying matters. Another mechanism involves incorporating education on the adverse impacts of bullying on education and wellbeing of students with the aim of controlling their attitude on the matter. Regular invitation of counselling consultants to address the matter and train teachers on how best to handle cases of bullying forms another approach.

Benefits of the Program

To the bullied, success of this program brings forth a number of benefits such as;

  • Creates a conducive learning environment
  • Brings forth psychological peace
  • Reduces the risks of physical hurt resulting from bullying
  • Helps them improve their academic performance

To the bullies, this program helps them to;

  • Improve their relation and coexistence with their colleagues
  • Change their behaviour and attitude so as to fit comfortably into society after school
  • Improve their academic performance.

 Cost benefit Analysis

Category Costs Benefits

Counselling material - $ 5000

Consultation Services - $2000

Internal Staff -$ 4000

Meeting expenses e.g refreshments -$ 2000


Improved relation among students

Positive behaviour change among the bullies

Reduced physical injury occasioned by bullying

Improved academic performance


From the above analysis, the program costs about $13000 and has the benefits described above.


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