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Coca Cola Company has reaped considerable profits through the utilization of various technological advancements, which when coupled with lessening barriers to commerce and investments have encouraged company growth in different regions. The company exploits technology in the production of greener packaging and this has improved its performance since 2009 when the greener packages were introduced.

Exploitation of social networking technologies has allowed the company brand to remain fresh and young thus improving the overall performance. The social networks are utilized in the distribution of information regarding novel products and assess consumer satisfaction so as to create better products. The company has exploited the freestyle dispenser technology in offering diversified drink varieties and collection of feedback from the machine that is utilized in market research. Consequently, the company has succeeded in offering the most preferred brands to its consumers thus boosting the overall performance.

Coca Cola has comprehensive CSR initiatives that mainly concern the environment, energy saving, safeguarding resources and recycling its waste. The company engages in the utilization of greener bottles and packaging materials in all its products in order to reduce negative influences on the surrounding. The company offers good labor conditions for its employees including fair trade practices despite the company being the principle distributor of soft drinks. Globalization has offered all nations equal opportunity to venture foreign markets with the reduce barriers towards commerce.

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Multinationals ought to exploit the opportunity of the falling barriers in international commerce to enter foreign markets. Entering foreign markets will allow nations to have commercial links and have cohesiveness that promote oneness at the global level. The involvement of multinationals in international trade may offer a platform for different people to interact and exchange cultures. It will also create employment opportunities and progress through CSR initiatives conducted by foreign firms.


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Coca Cola Company has harnessed technological resources in the promotion of its business activities throughout the globe to gain supremacy in the competitive world. CSR initiatives have also augmented the social interactions with the society, which further augments societal support towards the company activities. Globalization has led to declining barriers to trade and ventures while multinationals have exploited these opportunities to penetrate world markets. The involvement of multinationals in world business activities has generated considerable effects to the societies. 

Buy Coca Cola Company essay paper online

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