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The DHL International Limited is the leading logistic company all over the world. The company deals with international parcels, ocean and air freight, and other express dealings. The company has an online tracking system to locate the specific location of transshipment. The online system is a good illustration of operating in an e-business environment in the current technological environment. There is a real time communication between the server and the client. There is no need to contact a customer care service for efficient work (Danielson, 2009).

The company is recognized as a global provider of freight and forwarding services. It is the chief logistics provider. The company has transformed to the e-business environment as it operates using the online tracking system. Clients are able to access various services. A client can request or do online booking and pay for the invoice online. Quotation of rates is also possible to undertake. A server can track a shipment with a lot of easy. The operation of the company provides an interactive session for both the clients and the company staff. The government is in a position to track transactions for customs purposes. The undertaking of warehouse management is also possible in the business environment (Danielson, 2009).



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The Strategic Position and Culture

The company operates globally with a great sense of local responsiveness. The global operation enhances the company to penetrate into foreign markets with easy. The company also accesses competitive edge as it operates globally (Nelson, 2010). The global focus enables the company to operate on a selective basis. This means it can operate on a few selected industrial sectors. The selective operation aids the customers to interact with the specialists. This is not only in the logistic, but also in the market place situations. This kind of operation provides a culture of competition amongst the customers. The strategic positioning of the company has enabled it to win the great customer service awards. Another strategic approach of the company involves partnerships in the provision of services. For instance, currently the company partnered with a leading fashion provider so as to increase its market presence. There is a strong culture of client satisfaction amongst the company staff. This is a lock in strategy to avoid the clients switching to the other service providers.

Internal and External Networks

The company has operational networks all over the world. The networks are interconnected for efficient and transparent operations. The networks include branches in various companies. This does assist in the market penetration and the presence tactic. The global markets enhance access of customers and provide a wide variety of services to choose from. It is possible to access a DHL services from your immediate location. The technological development transforms physical markets into virtual ones.

The DHL model and framework is composed of many variables. Some of the model variables include the forwarding services and logistic issues. The model is multi-variable equation with specific interpretation. The framework encompasses a series of forwarding, pricing and other related issues. The pricing of the services in the model depends on the aggregate weight in the entire basket of services being provided by the company.

The Online Business Model

The DHL online business model is rather effective. It is effective as it provides access to a wide range of clients of the company. There are virtual operations for both the customers and the company staff. The only critique for the online business model is the risk of cybercrime. There is a threat of the criminal activities against the system security. Rogue providers of the service are likely to hack into the online system. Efficient system protections are necessary.


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