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Energy has become a very essential requirement today for existence of humans with the rapidly developing world. People have turned to the use of energy driven resources to make their life much easier. This has created a great demand for energy thus leading to a supply deficit from the energy industry. Even though the energy industry is faced with this supply deficit it has still been going on with its driving factors ensuring invention of changes to cope with developing world. These driving forces have also greatly contributed to the key successes factors in this industry.

One of the driving forces in energy industry is increasing need for energy in the world. The world is developing swiftly and people are consuming more energy through use of electronics which calls on the energy industry to meet this increasing demand. Another driving force in this industry is the need to combat environmental degradation (Pipeline & Gas Journal, 2005). This is because in the last years people have used fossil like oil, natural gas or coal as the source of energy. These fossils contribute around 88 percent of greenhouse effect. Thus the energy industry is been looked upon to come up with new ways to produce energy which do not have negative effects to our environment. Another driving force is the need to achieve energy security (Greg, 2009). The changing politics and economies in the world call upon government to come up with own energy productions for security.

There have been numerous successes made in the energy industry though inventions and new technologies. One of the success factors is the use of solar energy. Currently invention of solar panels made of plastic has been made instead of using silicon which is expensive. Another success factor is the inventions on generation of wind energy. In China inventions on use of magnetic levitation wind turbines which ahs increased energy production of a normal turbine by 20 percent (Lindermann, 2005). Use of permanent magnets to generate energy is another success factor within energy industry. Magnets are been used on electric motors, generators and heaters as they are able to draw 100 watts of electricity. Thus the energy industry is changing with new inventions triggered by its driving forces.


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