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My company is Brouj Company which is one of the ‘ADNOC group’ and which is also part of the real state marketing in Egypt. Brouj was established in 2007 as an Egyptian joint stock company and is now considered one of the biggest real estate marketing in the country. This is as a result of constant professional market evaluation as a result of the recent global and local economic fluctuations and the changes in the demands of real estate market. The company is specialized in property management and real estate management and has marketed successful mega projects in the country and the region as well. The company aims to address several years of underdevelopment in the real estate industry especially in new ultra modern buildings from the locals, Middle East companies relocating to Egypt and from western multinational companies setting foot or expanding their presence in Egypt.

Real estate industry consist of companies that deal in property consisting of land and buildings on it as well as with its natural resources like water, immovable properties, and any items of real property. This business includes professional buying and selling and renting of land or buildings on it.  A recent report titled “Egypt Real Estate Market Outlook to 2013” gives detailed information on the real estate market in Egypt in 2013 and beyond. The report suggests that the real estate in Egypt which was battered by the recent global economic unrest has shown a sustainable performance as compared to other markets in the Middle East region who have been struggling to overcome prevailing market and economic conditions. 

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The Mission of Brouj Company: “All you real estate needs under one roof” 

The Business Function:

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My business function is the marketing and sales department of Brouj Company. This is because the company’s purpose is to manage and market real estate projects both in and outside Egypt buying, selling, leasing, and swapping real estate for companies and individuals. The company therefore needs talented sales and marketing individuals to make scientific studies based on the desired area, marketing strategy, purchasing power, and create a mental picture of the place. The sales and marketing individuals also need to be able to identify potential clients, handle buyer requests effectively and efficiently, be in a position to negotiate and close deals effectively. The required skills in this department implies that the sales people must have a passion or some experience in the real estate industry, have good interpersonal skills, and are confident with a proactive sales approach.

Description of the Problem:

The sales and marketing department in Brouj suffers from a high turnout of employees due to frequent resignations. It is well understood at Brouj that real estate is one of the toughest jobs and especially in the sales and marketing department due to the recent global and local unrest and global economic downtown. Individuals need to spend a lot of efforts and make something out of themselves to be able to make it in this industry. Many employees especially in the recent past have stopped working or have quit their sales and marketing jobs at Brouj. The remaining employees complain of severe exhaustion as they are forced to do their work as well as that of the employees who already left the department and have not been replaced. Replacing also takes longer thus resulting to overworking of the remaining sales people.

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