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Why training (or HRD) department develop a mission and goals

A mission in a training department will enable the trainees to know the purpose of the training and therefore help both the trainees and the instructors to be focused on the objectives of the training and the task a head of the training. It is also important for the department to manage its priorities well so as to save on the resources available to achieve the organization’s objectives (TATAP MUKA MINGGU KE XIII, n.d.).

The goals also help the department to achieve all the outcomes of HRD that may have a the organization’s “developmental effect’’ Integration with the missions and goals of the organization is one of the key characteristics of the Strategic HRD (SHRD) which therefore justify it as one of the contributor’s to the organization’s goals and also an awareness of the organization’s goals. This will support the HRD which is covers the functions such as career development, training and organizational development which play the role of fostering the learning capacity in all the organization’s levels and  integrating the learning culture in the entire business strategy with the main objective of achieving high quality performance (Sthapit, n.d.).

 Why the goals need be tied into the organization strategic objectives

The goals play an important role of relating the organization’s fundamental mission to the financial campaign, relating back to the actual mission and then showing how the achievement of the goals will have the vision fulfilled and also ensure the mission is furthered over time. Goals will enable the organization in the planning process that will provide the focus on its outcome thorough identifying the strategic objectives that will relate to that goal or goals. The strategies will be providing the actions which will enable the achievement of a given objective and hence related goal or goals ("Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tasks, n.d.).

 How to ensure that this occurs

The performance of the employees who are assigned to ensure that the tactical steps involving goals and objectives of an organization are completed should be managed. These employees should then be included in the process of appraisal conducted annually where they are rewarded and recognized.


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