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Free «The Discovery of Global Warming» Essay Sample


This essay is going to address the topic on global warming. The meaning of global warming, causes of global warming, and the possible ways that can be done to reduce or totally stop this state will also be discussed. This will be useful to readers especially those with an intention of knowing more about global warming.


Global warming is the total increase in the earth surface temperature due to increase in the concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere. Such green house gases are mainly as a result of human activities. These gases include; carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, methane, ozone among others (Weart, 2008). When the concentrations of these gases increase in the atmosphere, they form a blanket in the atmosphere and absorb long wave radiation emitted from the earth surface. This absorbed radiation increases the temperature of the atmosphere. Some of the radiations are reflected back to the earth surface and hence, the temperature of the earth surface increases (Maslin, 2007).



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Global warming has been an issue of concern by many leaders all over the world. In a session that was held in Copenhagen in the year 2009, leaders did not give any result on how to stop it. In July 2010, the senate leaders in the US were also not able to reach a concrete solution on how to reduce this effect. Global warming is not only harmful to human beings but also plants and animals. This has been the major cause of climate change in the world (Weart, 2008).

As it is well seen, climate change has adverse effects on agriculture and other sectors. Most people all over the world depend on agriculture and have therefore had food shortages due to climate change which was as a result of global warming (Moore, 1995). The significant effects brought by global warming are; heat waves, floods, and even droughts. Although global warming brings negative effects especially in the tropics, it has been found to be of great benefit to countries in the arctic region. Increase in temperature melts ice which is commonly found in these regions. People living here will therefore have an increased temperature and favorable climate for planting crops like rice. Although this season is always short, it is of benefit to the inhabitants of the area. (Maslin, 2007).

Although it has been difficult to come up with a solution to stop global warming, several efforts have been done to reduce global warming. Human activities especially those which emit the greenhouse gases have been discouraged and filters have been put in chimneys of industries which emit such gases. Discussions by several state leaders and other leaders on how to eradicate global warming are still in progress and the December 2010 session which is to be held in Mexico is expected to bring a solution (Weart, 2008).


In conclusion, global warming brings a lot of effects to all the living organisms on the earth surface and the atmosphere (Moore, 1995). The scientists have proved that the extremes of weather are becoming worse and therefore immediate solutions should be put in place.


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