Free «Environmental Issues Affecting the Upper Midwest» Essay Sample

To begin with, changes in land usage in regards to urban sprawl has greatly affected and changed the face of rural landscape. These changes place farmlands at high risks of being affected by the individuals staying in urban areas. Changes in land usage jeopardize the economic viability of numerous resource-based industries. The efforts made by Royse and Barbara Myers who are couples staying in Caledonia are likely to yield fruits. This is because people who bulldoze the land for establishment of business centers can hold a dialogue so that they set aside small part of the land to set up these centers. More so, it is vital that the couples encourage people to help them plant trees since that are the only way they can address issues of deforestation in the area to increase production of timber, which is good for the economic growth. However, the challenge is that people also need these business centers. I believe that if the couples fight tirelessly, they are likely to deal with the situation.

Secondly, the Emerald Ash Borer disease is a menace to the environment and is likely to affect the economy of North America. This article is vital in the sense that it provides a clear picture of how the insects came into existence. This is one essential way of dealing with a problem. Through this article, the relevant organizations are likely to address the issue of the Emerald Ash Borer disease, which will in turn help in improving the economy of North America and other states that are likely to benefit from the same efforts of eradicating the insects. These insects are supposed to be dealt with so that they do not affect the areas that they have not affected. Stopping the movement of good to different market is the only solution to deal with the environmental menace that can affect the economic growth of a particular place.

Thirdly, forest disintegration is another problem that affects habit thus reducing the profitability of the forest sector. Although the demand for forest products continues to augment due to population increase, timber production is low due to industrial expansion and development of residential homes. Chemical compounds are not healthy for the forest industry. Forest is important since it helps various organisms and human beings as well. This is a vital article since it provides numerous ways of protecting the woodlands. I believe that it is important for forestry department for such regions that have been adversely affected through employing important treatment and control measures. If these departments employ periodic management, the problem of forest fragmentation is vital because it will help control numerous forest related problems.

Finally, the Upper Midwest suffers from the problem of flooding. This article addresses issues of continuous flooding in this particular region. Even though flooding is not related to global warming, acid water contaminates water reservoirs because of global warming in most of the regions. In this process, traditional water reserves suffering contamination by runoffs and infiltration from numerous land uses. This also affects the environment due to increased concentration. Addressing this environmental menace is of great importance since it will ensure that the residence do not consume contaminated water.

In sum, the discussion above provides some of the examples that illustrate partial array of numerous environmental impacts that confront various states. These environmental issues put the region at economic risk that put the lives of people vulnerable. Management of such environmental issues remains a challenge and requires new modes of research and outreach.


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