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Civil enforcement seeks to protect the environment and the life of human beings. This enforcement does this by ensuring that environmental polluters are in compliance with the law. Civil Enforcement takes legal action against environmental defaulters, and this ensures that the environment is safe for habitation (Clifford, 2011). For instance, people use this enforcement to file a complaint about a potential environment hazard like waste disposal in a river.

Criminal enforcement takes over from where Civil Enforcement leaves, and it investigates and helps in the prosecution of violations against the environment (Faure & Heine, 2005). This enforcement gathers evidence to justify the risk of the environmental hazard; it is a critical enforcement since it makes people adhere to the law.

Environmental Enforcement System

An effective Environmental System must ensure that the environment is preserved. People should have a productive coexistence with the environment; none should harm the other. This will be made possible by constructing laws that will guide people to safeguard the environment. Some activities such as excess logging, clearance of forests, use of harmful chemicals and overstocking of livestock should be banned. This enforcement system will be effective since most of the activities in the society will e environment friendly.

Excess logging leads to clearance of forests. This will harm the environment since a lot of trees will be felled, and there will be no enough rain. Use of harmful chemicals will also affect the environment since these chemicals could lead to extinction f some plant and animal species; thus, preservation of the environment is very critical. In fact, CITES, an organization that deals with protection of endangered species of animals ad plants deal with protection of more than 30000 species of plants and animals. This acts as evidence that environmental protection is critical (Banks et al., 2008).


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