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Free «The rich states should have to pay to help poor states protect their environments» Essay Sample

Environmental sustainability is vital for all. In order to sustain our future, the United Nations, which was later coined by the President of the United States of America Franklin D. Roosevelt, included in the Charter a chapter, which was aimed to promote social evolution and better standards of life. However, presently we have been plundering the future heritage of our children. As a result our offspring will pay for our deeds pretty high price – unsustainable environment In that regard, it is vital for the rich states to pay high taxes in order to help poor states to protect their environments. If the rich states willingly assist the poor states by paying high income taxes, our children will not pay for our environmentally unsustainable practices. There are numerous reasons why it is important for the rich states to give the poorer states a helping hand in conserving their environment.

To begin, facing the challenges of climate change is an important duty of all societies of the twenty-first century; it should not be treated as a problem of individuals. All of us should realize the role that natural environment plays for everyone. Nature gives us basic needs free of charge, without which our species are unlikely to survive. For example, the ozone layer screens out the ultraviolet rays of the sun those are harmful to animals, plants, and us. It is important for the rich to help the poor in ensuring their ecosystem to be clean, thus helping in purifying the air or cleaning the water we drink. This is achievable through helping the poor states to build industries that convert wastes into resources, thus reducing atmospheric carbon levels that are likely to contribute to global warming. Biodiversity provides bountiful store of medicines and food products that our future children will appreciate if we conserve them.


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Secondly, according to the United Nations Environment Program, the rich states have the duty to facilitate the formation of civil society organizations that promote environmental concerns. At the same time by-products from industries and agribusiness production of the rich states most likely poison soil and waterways. Conversely, in poor states if not supported by their richer neighbors, they are likely to practice massive deforestation, uncontrolled urbanization, and harmful farming practices, thus causing environmental degradation. This is because environmental sustainability is everyone’s challenge.

To sum up, it is important to emulate the successful states that have employed similar tact to care for the weak. Environmental sustainability is everybody’s challenge and the help of the rich states is very important. Helping the poor states is just but one of the recipes for success in ensuring that poor states receive equal treatment.


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